Thursday, 24 January 2013

Something New

So I guess this is where I introduce myself! My name is Hannah, I'm 23 and I live with my amazing boyfriend in Sheffield. I work as an assistant manager at an American Dinner but one day I'd love to own my own research company (I need to put my MSc in Psychological Research to some use I suppose). Now, research may be my main interest but I've always been been slightly obsessed with fashion and beauty, by this I mean I spend far too much money on clothes and cosmetics. And here I am...

Until recently I wasn't that interested in writing my own blog as I didn't think anyone would be interested, but I've started spending more time reading blogs and watching beauty tutorials and decided I wanted to join in on the fun. Soooo...this is the first time I have ever done anything like this and it's kinda scary but I just wanted to write my opinions, tips and tricks, even if no one is out there reading this. At a time where I am in between stages (out of University but not in a job that I want to make a career out of), I thought doing something to give me a purpose would be an extremely productive and rewarding experience. 

So I hope (if anyone is reading this) that you enjoy reading this as much as I am writing it, I will try to be as informative and interesting as I can possibly be but I'm not holding any promises. 

Thanks for listening.......Phew first post done
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