Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Review

So I never used to be the kind of girl that would spend a fortune of face products, excluding make up of course, I would spend my whole wage on highend make up if I didn't have rent and bills to pay. I don't know why I never did, I've always had problems with my skin so it would have been sensible to invest at an early age.

Anyway...long story short after seing many reviews on this product all over the internet and, without realising, apparently I was taking note, so I decided to folk out the £14.75 and buy it.

I'm a girl who has never had acnie problems, I never really had small scale bad skin but like most people I do have the odd break out and I have bad discolouration in places. My main problem however is my oily skin. It varies from being midly oily throughout the whole day to extreme levels of oil and shine especially in my T-Zone area. I think, and hope, that with Liz Earle's cult product, I have found my saviour.

I've been using it for roughly 3 months now and have noticed (along with the use of other products) that my oiliness have significantly decreased. Ok, yes it hasn't completely gone but its noticeably different. I've gone from having to re-power my face three times a day to just once. Which is a god send.

Furthermore the quality of my skin has improved like no end! It looks healthier. The coloration has evened out and its significantly softer.

And now for the technical info......

Its main ingreadience are Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter and Eucalyptus oils. Rosemary is known for its antioxidants which provide nutrition for your face and hold reducing agents (hence the clearer, healthier looking skin). Chamomile helps soothe the skin (nice and soft) and reduce bacteria and  infection (yay no more spots). Eucalyptus is also an anti-inflammatory (thats gotta be good when it comes to your face right) and doesn't half help the cleanser smell lovely. And finally the cocoa butter helps to break down oils (hence the more matte skins I've so desperately craved).

Available from boots (which means decent boots points people) and John Lewis, at £14.75 for 150ml's, you can get the cleanser with 2 muslin clothes, which is a much cheaper option than getting the £13.25 and then having to pay and extra £4.25 for the cloths alone. I don't know who they hired to do the maths there but basically you're saving yourself (queue the over exaggeration) a small fortune. Ok you're only saving £2.75 but thats the equivalent to the takeaway starbucks you've bought to keep you going strong on your shopping trip right?!

So, the how too....

One pump rubs easily across your whole face and it is so soft on your skin and smells amazing. If i'm trying to get my mascara off I will add an extra small pump to rub more on my eye (it doesn't sting if you get a bit in there either). You then run to tap nice and hot and wet the muslin cloth and use it to whip the cleanser off. After that I tend to splash my face with cold water as it helps open up my pores for when I moisturise. A couple of rubs with the cloth gets even the toughest of mascaras of as well so not only does it do wonders with your skin its bloody tough too.

So yes, the price is a little bit steep but my first bottle lasted me 2 whole months using it twice a day and that works out as roughly 10p a use and you can't go wrong with that when it works wonders for your skin and feels so luxurious to use.

All in all I highly recommend this product, not only does it do wonders for your skin but is a pleasure to use and smells amazing. Go ahead and try it for yourself and let me know what you think.

In a bit y'all!
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