Friday, 30 August 2013

Soap And Glory's Glow All Night Highlighter Review

I'm never normally the one to hop on the beauty bandwagon, I find a lot of products can be hyped up and from past experience I'm usually disappointed. So when I found myself desperately needing (well wanting) a powder highlighter I really didn't want to have to turn to Soap and Glory's Glow All Night Highlighter...but I'm glad I did.

The cream pale highlighter I had been previously using still holds a great place in my heart (and I will be doing a review on it at some point no doubt) is just a little too strong for day to day use. Therefore I wanted to find a powder to help tone things down a notch. My initial highlighting lust went towards the Narz Albatross however, when saving to move to London is part of my equation, products in the £20+ range are a no no for a while (my make up loving self is still struggling to comprehend this rule)!

Although Soap and Glory's Glow All Night was getting rave reviews in the beauty blogger-sphere and on the YouTube's, like I said before, I was reluctant to buy it as I didn't want to my expectations to be set too high only to be disappointed because of the hypemonster. However, due to my purse strings having no leeway whatsoever, and no other highlight scoring high in blog reviews, Soap and Glory was my only option...and I'm thankful it was.

This highlight is the perfect amount of subtle. It creates a slight glowing effect that is ideal for the everyday face. This product is a lovely pale/pink colour with the tiniest amount of shimmer, which I'm not normally a fan of, but without it I don't think this product would be noticeable enough. It certainly wouldn't be on the hypewagon without it in thats for sure!

How this product looks on the skin is as far as my praise goes I'm afraid. I don't like the packaging at all, I felt for the £11 you pay for it, the outer packaging should be a hard material rather than cardboard which just makes it feel cheap. It should also have a stronger seal than a magnet, which I feel after time won't work too well and will open up in my makeup bag. The powder itself is also not the most compact, I originally used it with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush however the dropout was huge, and although you do get a fair amount of product for your money (7.5g to be more exact), I don't want to be wasting loads every time I use it. The Real Techniques doesn't transfer the product onto your face too well either so after testing with a few others from my stash, I felt a fan brush worked best for both of these issues.

There is not much else to review about this highlight really, which isn't a bad thing at all. It basically does its job very well and is just the right amount of subtle for a day time, natural glowing look. I'm sure it's not the best powdered highlight out there but I would recommend it for people who are unsure whether a powder would work for them. I wouldn't wear it on a night out or when you know there will be a camera around as it will go unnoticed, but I still love this product none the less. 

Let me know if anyone else has tried this and what you think of it? Or if you want to know anything about it that I have missed. Also do you buy into the hyped products out there or stay clear of them?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xx


Monday, 19 August 2013

OOTD: Oversized Sports Tee

Ah right, so this is my first outfit of the day post and I'm not feeling too confident about it to be honest, so forgive me if this isn't great.

The other day I "accidentally" took a detour through the Westfield Shopping Centre whilst returning home (well my brothers while I find somewhere to live) from Stratford. As I am trying to save money and I needed some new Cleanse and Polish, which took a hefty chunk out of my budget, I decided to stick to one shop and one shop only...PRIMARNI!!

The London Primark's are so much better than the ones in Sheffield and it is so nice to actually walk in and find so much stuff I want to buy. I unfortunately had to limit myself to one item of clothing as I'd found a pair of shoes that perfectly match a dress I've got for my friends wedding in a few weeks (ahh I'm so excited about that!!).

As I was queuing for the changing rooms with a few items in tow, this little number caught my eye and Im soooo glad it did. I have been looking for an over sized tee for a very long time now and I have also been umming and ahhhing about investing in a sports-esk type of top. This beauty combined both wishes together...yay, best of all it was only £6...even bigger yay.

After trying it on, along with all the other things I'd brought in with me, there was no contest as to which I was going to purchase. Off to the till I went.

You can't see it on these pictures but this top has that...ahh how to describe this...mesh like, holey material that traditional basket ball tops have, so it needs a strappy top underneath to cover your dignity. It's perfect for this sort of weather where it is humid but not sunny in the slightest.

As it is so bold and specific it doesn't need anything else in order to make the outfit. I paired it simply with black leggings as it is long enough to cover the derriere, so could look too long over jeans. It could potentially look great tucked into a cute skirt with a belt as well (and if it does I'll do a post about it). 

I found minimal jewellery worked best with this outfit as the neckline is too high for a necklace, and simple rings and bracelets toned it down and made it look less harsh. I also found rolling up the sleeves made it more feminine as it reduces the size of the huge sleeves, this also allows a bit more arm to show. Apologies for the awkward selfie below, I was home alone and didn't have anyone to take the picture for me. So yeah, this is what it looks like on.

What do you guys think, is it a bit too manly or do people like it? What do you guys wear for more of a casual, laid back look?

Thanks for reading,

Friday, 16 August 2013

How To Get Rid of Those Pesky Dark Under Eyes Circles

I am finding it extremely hard to get time to sit and work on my blog, look at others or keep up to date on twitter at the moment. I'm in the process of moving to London, sorting out my new job, finding somewhere new to live and trying to empty out my old flat in Sheffield, which means no time to actually enjoy the blogging community and its driving me mad.

Anyway, excuses over...lets get on to the good stuff, well thats if you can call having horrifically dark under eyes 'good stuff.' I won't go in to a HUGE back story like I normally do, but basically I always have had, and always will have awfully dark under eye circles. I don't know if it's hereditary, if I have thin skin or most likely I just don't sleep enough, either way I have been struggling to mask them up all my life. I'm always looking for new products that might make a noticeable difference and I think I have come as close as I ever have before in covering them up effectively.

As my under eyes are extremely dark here's a quick warning...I do put a hell of a lot on to cover them up, so this post is mainly for helping those also in extreme cases. However, it might be useful for anyone else looking for a single new concealer or corrector. Basically here are the wonder products I have been using to tackle my long hated issue...

See, I warned you, there's a lot of products in there and they cost me a fair amount in total but I would do anything to try and cover those pesky peepers up! I first start with an eye primer to prevent the products from creasing under my eye. I find that, although it is meant to be an eyelid primer (which I have reviewed in more detail here) the MUA Pro-Based Eye Primer actually works even better under the eye. Since using this I have noticed my concealers stay on all day even after a full day of work, I never look like I've been punched in both eyes anymore. 

The first concealing product I use is the Bobbie Brown Creamy Corrector in Peach Bisque. This is great as a base coat and actually corrects out any dark skin tones rather than just covering them up. It is very good and neutralising the skin colour and significantly reduces the bluey tones that naturally occur. At £18.50 for 1.4g you don't get much for your buck but you only need the smallest amount for high impacts. I feel this step could be skipped if you don't have as big of an eye problem as I do but for those that do, this step a must do for covering up those bad boys. 

Next comes the Bobbie Brown (again) Creamy Concealer in Sand. It really helps to cover up any discolouration and is extremely long wearing. This product doesn't cake at all after it has been put on, it takes a while to get it smooth when applying but once all creases have been smoothed out this product does not move a millimetre! It's the same price as the Corrector and you get the same amount but again you don't need much to hide those bains of my life! If I'm honest, I didn't like either of these products to begin with, but they have completely won me over. For £24 you can get a kit which comes with 1.4g of setting powder which I got...of course. This power works better than any setting power for under the eye that I have ever tried. Most go cakey and spotty but this doesn't look like anything is there. I don't apply this till I have completed the next two steps however. 

Next is my final concealer of the bunch and it is the Origins Plantscription Anti Aging Concealer. Now I don't need the anti aging part just yet, I may be reaching a quarter of a century but I'd like to think (well hope) I'm still young, but this concealer really helps to cover up those extra dark patches. I only use this on the very bottom of the circles where they really are blue and it further covers them up like a dream. At £17 for 1.4fl oz (the Bobbie Browns are 0.5fl oz) you're definitely getting more product for your money, and if you're lucky enough to only need one concealer then this will do the job perfectly on it own. Its Doe Foot applicator makes it easy to apply to hard to reach places too so could also be used to hide blemishes. 

The final piece to this puzzle is the cult, ever girl should have this in her make-up bag product, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Pen. I know, I know soo many people, blogs, videos tell you that this shouldn't be used as a concealer and it is in fact a highlighter, but on top of all the previous products it really brightens the eye area up. I only use the tinniest amount as it can make your eyes look fairly white and over done, but when the 'less is more' technique is used this product really helps you to look more awake. It's £25 for 50ml so is definitely one you have to save up for but it is such a lovely product that has more than one it's practical!!! 

Now I am going to do something extremely out of my comfort zone here and post pictures without any make up on to show the effect of these products put together. As you can see in he first picture I was not comfortable at all!! But I hope you can see how good the results are, it appears that the day I took these photos my dark circles were not at their worst, but I assure you these products cover my darkest of bags and cover them for the whole day. 

I hope that this post has provided help for those that have the same problem as me. Does anyone have any good recommendations for what they use to hide dark circles? Anyone got any of these products, what do you think? 

Thanks for reading

Hannah xx


Friday, 9 August 2013

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray

I seem to no longer be buying magazines for their content anymore, I much prefer reading blogs as I think most of us bbloggers do. The thing that catches my eye with magazine now seems to be "what freebie they are giving away this month!" I no longer care for the magazine, as long as there is something good coming with it, I'm sold!

And here is a prime example. I recently picked up Elle magazine purely for the fact they were giving away a Bumble and Bumble product, I didn't care what product it was, I needed Bumble and Bumble in my life. On a side note, I'd go as far as saying I would never pick up Elle again unless there is a good freebie. The fact that the whole magazine is full of adverts (I got to roughly page 30, yes that was 30, before I even read an article!) really drives me mad.

Aaaanyway, rant over. I have always wants to try Bumble and Bumble products as they constantly get amazing reviews and I'm always looking for something that can have affect on my boring, I don't do anything, straight hair. So I was sold on buying some of their  products, there was just one big thing stopping me...the price! Wow those bad boys cost a lot. With an average of £20+ for a product, I just can't justify spending that amount incase the product makes not difference to my hair (like many hair products in the past.) So seeing that it was being given away with Elle, I just had to try it.

The name is a bit misleading, it's not the typical hairspray that you use after styling, you spray a few pumps into damp hair before you blow dry and...jeez does this product not half pack a punch. Now I have to warn you I do have very thick hair to begin with, but thick doesn't always mean volume. My hair stays flat to my head like you wouldn't believe, so this product has pretty much made me (hair) life. 

I wanted to try it a few times before reviewing to make sure it wasn't a fluke and I can confirm that my hair has never looked so good...and BIG before. Not only does it add mega volume to the hair, it gives it some texture and almost makes my straight hair a tiny bit wavey...yay hair life is now officially made!!! 

I am so happy I got Elle magazine now, the effect of the thinkening spray lasts all day and even has some impact the next morning. I gave my hair a quick dry shampoo and it was looking almost as good as when I'd finished blow drying the day before. If this is what it does to someone with thick hair it must do wonders with people that have finer locks. 

Girls and boys, if you're in need of a hair revamp or you have been searching for that wonder product, go get this sample while (in the words of snoop dogg) it's hot!!! I might even reconsider spending that major price tag on some full sized Bumble and Bumble products now. 

Has anyone else tried this thickening spray? What about any other Bumble and Bumble products? I'm always up for recommendations. 

Much love xx
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