Friday, 9 August 2013

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray

I seem to no longer be buying magazines for their content anymore, I much prefer reading blogs as I think most of us bbloggers do. The thing that catches my eye with magazine now seems to be "what freebie they are giving away this month!" I no longer care for the magazine, as long as there is something good coming with it, I'm sold!

And here is a prime example. I recently picked up Elle magazine purely for the fact they were giving away a Bumble and Bumble product, I didn't care what product it was, I needed Bumble and Bumble in my life. On a side note, I'd go as far as saying I would never pick up Elle again unless there is a good freebie. The fact that the whole magazine is full of adverts (I got to roughly page 30, yes that was 30, before I even read an article!) really drives me mad.

Aaaanyway, rant over. I have always wants to try Bumble and Bumble products as they constantly get amazing reviews and I'm always looking for something that can have affect on my boring, I don't do anything, straight hair. So I was sold on buying some of their  products, there was just one big thing stopping me...the price! Wow those bad boys cost a lot. With an average of £20+ for a product, I just can't justify spending that amount incase the product makes not difference to my hair (like many hair products in the past.) So seeing that it was being given away with Elle, I just had to try it.

The name is a bit misleading, it's not the typical hairspray that you use after styling, you spray a few pumps into damp hair before you blow dry and...jeez does this product not half pack a punch. Now I have to warn you I do have very thick hair to begin with, but thick doesn't always mean volume. My hair stays flat to my head like you wouldn't believe, so this product has pretty much made me (hair) life. 

I wanted to try it a few times before reviewing to make sure it wasn't a fluke and I can confirm that my hair has never looked so good...and BIG before. Not only does it add mega volume to the hair, it gives it some texture and almost makes my straight hair a tiny bit wavey...yay hair life is now officially made!!! 

I am so happy I got Elle magazine now, the effect of the thinkening spray lasts all day and even has some impact the next morning. I gave my hair a quick dry shampoo and it was looking almost as good as when I'd finished blow drying the day before. If this is what it does to someone with thick hair it must do wonders with people that have finer locks. 

Girls and boys, if you're in need of a hair revamp or you have been searching for that wonder product, go get this sample while (in the words of snoop dogg) it's hot!!! I might even reconsider spending that major price tag on some full sized Bumble and Bumble products now. 

Has anyone else tried this thickening spray? What about any other Bumble and Bumble products? I'm always up for recommendations. 

Much love xx


  1. Lol I did exactly the same thing! Picked this up because of the free gift and sat on my lunch at work trying to find a page in the magazine without an advert!! Not tried the spray yet but looks like it gives good results :)

    1. It really worth it, the magazine is like £4 ish but the bottle is worth along the lines of £9 according to their website. Or if you make an order over £25 (I think) you get a free bottle too.

      I'm always looking for the best give away with the Magazines haha!

      Hannah xx

  2. Im the exact same i go in to the shop on the way to work around the 8th of the month and look at what they have to offer if theres nothing good i dont buy any of them

    New followers

    Carrieanne x

    1. Haha it's getting bad isn't it, it's no longer about how good the magazine is. Oh well, they're all saying pretty much the same thing so its the give aways that sway it for me.

      Following you back, loving your blog.

      Hannah xx

  3. Ooh I bought this too but haven't tried it! Now I have seen your hair I must!


  4. Oo let me know what you think when you've tried it. I've just got the smaller sized surf spray and can't wait to use it.

    Hannah xx


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