Thursday, 31 October 2013

Kimono Nights Out

The other night (well actually it was a few weeks ago now as it was still warmish) I went for a few drinks for a mates birthday. I decided to bust out my Kimono for the occasion and since Kimono's are being sold left right and centre at the moment I thought I'd model an outfit similar to the one I wore. And here it is...

Kimono Nights Out

As I wanted the Kimono to do all the talking I paired it with a plain white cami. I am loving the silk v-necked Topshop ones at the moment. Well actually I have loved them since I got them in summer. I think I pretty much lived in them on holiday. I also went for my cream one as I didn't want anything to take the attention away from the detail of my Kimono.

I then threw my Kimono over the top. Mine is a dark cream/beige colour and has black silhouettes of birds flying up from the bottom. I also go this from Topshop and I love it so much, but the one in this picture really stood out to me. I love it's pastel colours and the tassels. I find Kimono's are so feminine looking but because they are quite baggy, they are great for those who are having a particularly 'frumpy' day.

I then added my staple Topshop Leigh skinny jeans which go with everything, I didn't mean for all my clothes to be Topshop but sometimes it just happens!! I went with simple jewellery and just had a plain gold chunky necklace, my usual watch and my Urban Outfiters midi rings. I am obsessed with gold jewellery, always have been and always will!

I'm not a girl who likes dainty shoes. I like them big, I like the chunky and I usually prefer some sort of boot. For this outfit I went for such a thing, a wedged boot. Mine are from Matt Alan (or Matalan as other people like to call it) and there are gorgeous, people compliment them all the time which is always lovely for a girl to hear. They are significantly nicer than the ones in the picture but these were as close as I could find.

Finally, the finishing touches were left to an oversized clutch bag (an every girls must have) and, of course, my YSL red lippy. Everyone feels more dressed up when they are wearing red lippy right?!?

What are your thought's on Kimono's? Are they just for the summer or can they be a staple piece in our winter wardrobes?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Floral fringe kimono
$51 -

Topshop jeans

Topshop cami

Wedge shoes

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The So Project: Tools

I really can't believe it's the final week of The SO Project, how have 10 weeks gone by already. It also means I have been in London for 11 crazy!!! I can safely say I have loved every week of The SO Project (even though I did miss the first one). I've loved writing the posts, taking the pictures and most of all reading everyone else's amazing work. So I'd just like to say a BIG thank you to the amazing Steph over at Steph's Inside Voice for creating this series, it's been truly amazing!

So the final week lends itself to our make up tools. These are the things we use to apply, take off, improve and remove make up and other things. There isn't much else I can say about tools apart from actually describe what each tool is and how I use them, so I might as well get straight into things!

I'm going to go through my tools in the order I use them when doing my morning routine. First of all I use a Muslin Cloth. These little beauties can be used to take off any face cleanser, scrub or oil first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You simply apply the product as usual then wet the cloth and use it to remove the cleanser etc. Since using these to take off my make up I have noticed a huge difference to my skin. It has been less oily and I have been less prone to the odd break out that I can get. You can use a normal flannel instead of a Muslin Cloth but I find these ever so slightly help exfoliate the skin too. Flannel's just help to remove.

My next little tool comes in the shape of a cotton pad. I uses these to pour all my lotions and potions onto, then swipe it across my skin. My favourites are the extra large pads as they can be used for longer. With the smaller ones I find it takes two pads for each product to cover my whole face, and this increases in two's depending on how many products I use that day. I only ever need one per product when I'm using these. They are also the prefect shape for covering a whole eye when applying Eye Make Up Remover, which means I can get a deeper clean when I can't be arsed to properly wash my face at the end of the day...naughty me!

Next in my routine, I turn to my tweezers. These are probably my most important tool in my kit. If I had to, I could wash my face with out a cloth or cotton pad, I could apply all my make up with my fingers and I could skip curling my eyelashes and just let the mascara work it's magic. I could not however go without a pair of tweezers!!! There is no way these slugs could be left un-pluck, un-shaped or un-tamed for a single day. At the end of the day when it comes to tweezers the all evidently do the same thing. Therefore, I can't recommend a specific brand to you, I like mine because they are cute. Tweezers do tent to eventually go slightly blunt (and I'm talking after years here), so you may wish to change them when this happens. You'll know when it does because they won't be able to grip on to any little hairs any more.

Then comes the largest collection in my tool kit. My brushes! I have more brushes than I actually need to use. Yes, I use a decent amount on my day to day routine, but I actually have brushes that I haven't used at all, let alone in months. So for the purpose of this post I will only be showing the ones I use regularly.

First we have the foundation brushes. As you will note I have two Real Technique Expert Face Brushes. You will actually note that the majority of my brushes are of the Real Technique variety. No other affordable brush compares to these and I have no doubt 99.9% of this weeks posts will have them in. Anywho...I have two because I use one for my liquid foundations and one for my powder foundations. I know Real Techniques have many a powder created brush, however I just find that this gives the best coverage compared to any others. I also have the BareMinerals Flawless Application Face brush which I still use from time to time if I want less powder on my face. Finally I have the Real Techniques Setting Brush which I use to add setting powder to my face after I have completed my look. If you don't have oily skin you could get away without needing this one.

Next are my face brushes. I have the Real Techniques Blush Brush to apply my bronzer. If you use this on its side it is prefect for applying bronzer to the cheeks, but as you can see the brush is also tapered. Picking up bronzer with this section helps apply the perfect contour to the face. I also have my Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face Brush to apply blusher! This brush has lasted me soooo well that's why, although the Real Techniques are my favourite, the Bare Minerals hold a strong place in my heart. I think I have had this brush for four to five years now and it is still super soft and in perfect condition. It's like this because I clean it as often as I can. That is a major point to install into yourself, ALWAYS wash your brushes! I'm not talking every time you use them, no one has that much time on their hands, but every few weeks would mean that no bacteria is developing on the brush and being transferred to your skin.

The final brushes are my eye brushes. Now you'll be happy to know that since the eye shadow post two weeks ago, these have been used significantly more!! I have the elf professional eye shadow flat brush to pat on my base shadow, the Real Techniques Base Shaddow brush which is tapered to get into the crease and a larger Real Techbiques Delux Contour Brush to set my concealer under my eyes. For a more detailed post on how I uses these, head over to here.

Sometimes I use a beauty blender instead of my foundation brushes. OK, it's not the 'real' beauty blender but a Models Own dupe! With these you run them under water and then squeeze out the excess, this stops the blender soaking up all the foundation when applying. The blender should increase in size after this and then it's ready to use. I pour foundation on to the back of my hand and dip the flatter side of the blender in. I then use the blender to pat and push the foundation onto my skin. I use the pointed side for more awkward area's such as under the eyes and around the nose. Blenders are a way of applying foundation to get a fuller, smoother complexion so isn't one for those who like a gentle kiss of make up. I rarely use this but find it is perfect for applying foundation when you have an extremely long day ahead.

Due to my oily skin I find that I need a setting spray to help lock in my make up once applied. These sprays not only keep your make up looking fresher for long but also help refresh and brighten your face. Therefore they can be taken around with you and used through out the day for a quick spruce up. My personal favourite is the Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control spray as I feel it creates a better impact than Mac's Fix Plus. I definitely notice that my make up lasts longer when I've sprayed this compared to when I don't. There are also quite a few cheaper brands that are selling these now (ELF and MUA) so they are completely affordable to those starting off with make up, if you feel a product like this would benefit you.

sorry this isn't the same styled picture as the others,
I forgot to take one and had to use an old one as an emergecy

And last but not least, my final tool in my routine are my eyelash curlers. I purposefully leave my eyes till after the setting spray has been applied as I tend to look like something that can only be described as a Panda and Jean Simmons' love child if I don't. Mascara down the face is not a good look for anyone. For the best results with curlers, clamp your lashes as close to the lash line as possible and hold for a few seconds, not too long as you will get right angled lashes. Then slowly repeat this process every few millimetres till you reach the tip of your lash. This technique provides the prefect natural curl. To create a more extreme look blast you curlers with your hair dryer for a few seconds to warm them up. This will make the curl more dramatic, but do be careful as everyone knows heat and metal can cause serious issues!! I know eyelash curlers look scary, and unfortunately you will nip you eyelid every once in a while which is extremely painful. But once you master the technique you lashes will never look as good as if you go a miss.

So that's it!!! That's the end of The So Project. I'm actually really sad, I'll miss reading everyone's make up tips and rummaging through my own collection and finding things I'd forgotten about. But don't worry I have entered a new weekly series to ramble on to you about...but more on that coming soon!!

What are you beauty tool must haves? Let me know in the comments below...I'm always looking for new things to add to the collection!

For the final time on The So Project....Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx


Thursday, 24 October 2013

bbloggers I need your help!

Unfortunately, as of the 1st of November, any more votes will not be counted! I have reached my 150 and bought the prizes, sorry guys...anywho here is what my original post said.

Hi guy's. So I'm writing this post because I need your help. I am about to reach 150 followers, and if you read this post you will see that I promised to do a lovely giveaway when I reached that amount. This was only 2 weeks ago and my numbers have grown a lot quicker than I though so before I do reach this milestone, I wanted to ask for your help.

I want my giveaway prize to be a really good one and to reflect my blog. So to do this I wanted to make sure my giveaway reflected what you guys actually wanted. So all I want you to do is answer some really quick questions below and then I can properly decide what to giveaway. I already have some ideas but want it to be something you'd like!!

So please take 20 seconds to answer these questions, and if you don't follow already, press that little follow on BlogLovin' button and then you'll know what the giveaway is, and when it's up!

If there are any brands that don't appear leave a comment below and I'll add it to the results :D

Out of all the products I've featured on my blog, which would you prefer?
Which is your favourite Highend brand? Which is your favourite Highstreet brand?
Which would you prefer? Thanks for reading, Hannah xxx

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Spending Ban Update

Just a quick one to update everyone of my spending ban progress. I can safely say it has been very hard. What with reading blogs, reading magazines and with the sheer love of just spending money (but without he funds to do so) this week has been pretty difficult.

I have had to buy a few essentials like shampoo, dry shampoo and hair spray but I have been good and only bought things which were on offer. I managed to get the brand of shampoo I like (Pantene) but went for the only one that was half price, the Youth Projection range. It's not my normal choice but it will still be good I'm sure. Plus I'm looking forward trying something new. 

For dry shampoo and hairspray, instead of getting my usuals that I know and love (Frizz-ease hair spray and TRESemme dry shampoo) I noticed there was a 2 for £8 offer when you bought from the same brand. Ok, neither of these brands were involved so I couldn't go for them so I had to try something new. I went through all the collections, weighing up which would get me more product for my money. I finally settled on the Trevor Sorbie Styling range. A positive of having to try something new because of the ban, and always thinking about the blog, this gives me the perfect opportunity to review some new products. I'm killing two birds with one stone here people, plus I saved almost £3 whilst doing so.

The ban has also had me embracing my free foundation samples. The worst thing happened to me to me this week, my YSL Touche Eclat Foundation ran out on me...distraught doesn't even cut it!! But rather than going out and repurchasing, I have been using up my mini samples I've collected over the months. I'm also going to try and add some more to the collection over the weekend, so look out beauty counters...I'sa comin'! I've also managed to save an extra £29.

I went shopping with the Mother this weekend and managed to bag myself a few freebies curtsy of her (thanks mum) and a haul for that stuff will be up soon. My main achievement though is resisting the temptation of repurchacing my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. My new cleanser's aren't quite cutting it but I'm sticking with them and using them up to try and save money.

Finally, I ran out of the wonder that is La Roche-Posay's Matte Moisturiser (for a full review see here) and instead of spending the £14ish on a new one, I spotted a potential alternative. Superdrug were selling the Garnier Moisture Match Mattifying Fresh Cream for half price, so I picked it up for just £2.98. Now I know it won't work as well, but I'm saving over a tenner! And again, it's another new product to review.

So, my total savings this week is roughly £205.86! Pretty darn good if I do say so myself. 

Is anyone else on a spending ban? How are you coping? Anyone tried any of these products I've picked up?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The So Project: Lipstick

This week I have the complete opposite attitude from last, which I wasn't looking forward to writing very much due to my lack of interest in eyeshadow. This week, I have been looking forward to since I joined the so project. LIPS!!!

I'm guessing, compared to all the others doing the so project, my lip product collection is no where near as big as most, but I love wearing lippy so have a feeling this will be a long one...sorry in advance!

What are the wonder that are lip products? We'll, again, I'm guessing if you don't know for sure you can give it a good guess. They are products you put on you're lips to make them luscious and kissable and even give them a eeddy biddy splash of colour. I would love to say they're used to make our lips look better than our natural colour, but that's just not true! No one has deep red or nude lips. So really, we use lip products to make our lips look god damn amazing! And just to make it harder for us to choose (and give us more to spend our money's on) there are plenty of different lip products and colours available for us beauty obsessive...cheers beauty world! There are lip balms to keep our lips hydrated and smooth, there's lip sticks to add a punch of colour, there's lip glosses to add shine and there's lip laquours to do a bit of all 3...and that's to name but a few.

Pre Lips Products:

You can just put your lip products straight onto the lip, but if you want it to stay on all day (or for a least a few hours) you'll have to avoid eating, drinking, talking, or pretty much anything that involves using you lips. I have a few beauties that help me keep my lips looking bolder for longer without having to take such drastic measures.

The first step in my winning routine is to exfoliate your lips. You can do this with a soft bristled toothbrush or you can get a lip Exfoliator like this one from elf. There are plenty out there if you shop around ,but the elf one smells and tastes amazing (of course I don't actually eat it but I do normally lick the first layer off and then reapply). This Exfoliator takes off all the dry skin you had on your lips and if you apply a lip balm straight away (I use the Burt's Bees pot), the two help keep you lips chapped free for most of the day. This combination allows the lipstick to actually settle into your lip and not just onto the dead skin that's on them. Think of it like a moisturiser/primer, you wouldn't put foundation on beforeusing these would you?!?

My final step to help keep the lippy on longer is by using a lip lock pencil. Again I use an elf product (because I am a little obsessed with them). It's pretty much like a lip balm but it gives the lipstick a little something extra to hold onto. When using this I really do notice that all my lipsticks/laquers last a lot longer than they would without them so for £3.75 you can't say no really can you!

If you really want your lip products to be bold and stay on all day, use a lip liner first. And not just to line your lips, go crazy and colour the whole bleeding things in and then go over it with the lippy of your choice. I always forget to do this step if I'm honest.

Perfect Lip Gloss/Lip Lacquer:

OK, I hold my hands up, I'm a rubbish beauty fan because I am not a lip gloss fan in the slightest. I hate that they are thick on the lips, I hate that they are shiny and I really hate that they're sticky. Hair stuck to your lip is not a good look for no one!! However, for those in the same position of me, the prefect lip product for the 'not quite a lip gloss, not quite a lipstick, but the prefect love child of the two' award has to go to Rimmel's Apocalips Lip Laquer's. This takes the 'great' from both products (the colour pop of a stick and the longevity of a gloss) and makes a wonder product. Rimmel's Lip Laquers, give off a great pigment with only having the tinniest amount of shine, which is a prefect combination in my eyes. These lip product's lasts longer on the lip than you average lipstick as they almost turn into a lip stain once on. These laquer's are pretty hydrating but I would recommend using a lip balm (or the whole of the above routine) if you have dry lips as this will stop it from clinging to any dry patches. I really thing a lip laquer is the prefect lip product for make up newbies  as they have a mix of everything.


Right, I have two types of lipsticks, one's that are proper lipsticks and one's that are a mix (but not quite an even split) between lip balm and lip sticks. I'll start with the subtle lipsticks first. This type of lipstick is hydrating to the lip and lets of a little bit of shimmer, and is probably best for those starting off with lip products. The Revlon Lip Butters are perfect for those testing the water with colour as they don't give off too strong a pigment but leave a lovely hint of colour to the lip. Because they have a slight shine to them, the are the next step up from the Lip Laquer so those who prefer matte finishes (like me) should avoid these.

If you're wanting a bold look, and a real umpf of colour, proper lipsticks will be your best friend. I have a variety of shades and brands in my lipstick collection and I'm all for testing out all colours if you like them. I'm not going to say if you have fairer skin go for one colour etc just go for what you like. I will however give you a quick run-down of the colours I have and love. My ultimate favourite lipsticks are the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks. They are such a great price for how good they are, and pretty reasonable for high street lipsticks. There staying power is definitely admirable and although they can be extremely drying to the lips, if you use my routine above it will help, I can forgive Rimmel for this as the colours are so beautiful.

For more or a discrete colours I like the ELF Mineral Lipstick (for a full review on party pink see here) and the Maybelline Colour Sensational as they are both a subtle amount of colour that makes your lips look naturally gorgeous. They're both pretty hydrating for lipsticks but can dry up if you have more extreme chapped lips.

I then have, the less used, Bourjois Sweet Kiss. I don't know why I don't use it much its a lovely lipstick that lasts ages on the lips. I think it's because it was at the bottom of my stash. If I'm honest, I completely forgotten about it until I wrote this post so I'm definitely going to try and rock it more.

Finally, the ultimate lipstick in my collection. My YSL Rouge Pur Couture!!! Ahhh this is a beautiful lipstick. The colour is a perfect mix of not too red and not too orange. In the words of Goldy Locks 'this one is just right!' This was given to me by my mum as she though it was too bold for her and her loss is my gain here because I would never spend this much on a lipstick but am happy to get it in my collection for free. It lasts long on the lips and is fairly moisturising, not forgetting it has great pigment without being too in your face. That's YSL for you, they never let you down!

So that's it! A long post I know, but I did warn you and it's me...what else do you expect!!!! Has anyone tried any of these products? Or how about these exact shades? What are you favourite lip products and how do you keep them lasting for longer? 

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Exploring London: Spitalfield's Market

Welcome to a new section of my blog!! Since I moved to London I've been wanting to explore it and share my expeditions with my readers. I've been racking up a few ideas but didn't have the confidence to write them as I didn't know how well they would go down...but sod it I'm just gonna ramble on like I always do!

So I've been to a few markets since I've been in London but this was the one I wanted to write about first...Spitalfields Market! I've been here twice now since the move, once with a friend of mine where we spend hours weaving our way through the stalls, and once with a very unenthusiastic boyfriend. 

I love this market, it has a mix of the old and new. It has the traditional market feel with vintage clothes and trinkets galore, but it also has modern things and proper shops to wonder into. They literally sell everything at this market from clothes to jewellery, furniture to decorations and food to flowers, with each stall and shop having its own character. My favourite had to be the shop with an American car outside as owning a car like that is my drrreeeeam. 

There are two sides to the market, what I think is the old side and then the new part where there are restaurants and cafes to help build up your energy for more shopping. We went to a lovely little place that was in the old market called Square Pie. I remember seeing it the first time I went and though...oo I should come here with Russell. He loves pastry dishes and pies are up top on his list and well me...I'm a Northern Lass, we're eating pies before we can crawl! It's only a small place and it's more of a takeaway then a proper restaurant but you can sit in to eat. There was a huge range of different pies, some for vegetarians and some for us carnivorous out there. I went for the lamb and rosemary and my god was it delicious. 

They come in a sweet little box (I don't know why but I love any food that comes in a box) with a side of your choice. We both went for a scoop of mash because, in my eyes, you just can't have anything else with a pie. Another great things about square's situated just across from the Mac shop so you can eye up what you want to buy whilst you're eating. 

The shops are sooo cute as well. The ones on the old side are all build with the cutest vintage looking shop fronts, which makes them even more appealing to wonder into. The shops in the new side (where the Benefit shop is) are kitted out in a modern fashion. 

The one thing that lets this market down, only the tiniest bit, is that there are only a small amount of food stalls. Yes they have restaurants but when you want a quick nibble there isn't much to offer. Greenwich market on the other hand (post coming soon ish) is perfect for those that love trying new things with plenty of delicious cuisine available. There are the odd stalls with cupcakes and sweet treats, however if you want any substantial stall food, the choice is pretty limited. For a quick snack we grabbed a quick cup of chips...yes I said cup!

I didn't buy anything for Spitalfields because of the spending ban but there were so many stalls that got my attention for when it's over, mainly jewellery, so if you love a good statement necklace get yourself down there. The one thing I definitely want to do when I go back is get my nails done at the place below. You may not be able to see it in the picture but this nail salon is set out like an airplane which just seemed so different (although I'd terrified of flying haha).

If you're lucky and you're a savvy shopper, you can find some right bargains. I saw a gorgeous leather mulberry purse on my first visit at a vintage stall, but it just out stretched my budget. It was £60 which is very cheap for the amazing British designer, ok it could have been a fake but if it was, it was the best bloody fake I've seen. 

All in all Spitalfields market has a great vibe to it and provides a good morning or afternoon out. If you want my advise spend the early afternoon here (get off at Liverpool Street station) and then walk down to Shoredich high street to for a quick cocktail (or several). You can even browse Brick Lane as you bar crawl as the vintage shops there seem to stay open a bit later. 

So this post was a little different so I hope you enjoyed it, I might dedicate a whole page of my blog to London. Has anyone else had the joy of wondering round Spitalfields? Or have you found any other amazing markets near you? Are you a market person or do you prefer a good old shopping centre?

Thanks for reading, hope you beauty lovers didn't mind the change of topic.

Hannah xxx
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