Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bumble and Bumble's Sunday Shampoo Review

I’ve done it, I’ve finally gone and done it. I’ve found the miracle product my hair has been screaming out for for a while now. This product is the one thing that has helped my hair out, the one thing that is stopping my house look like a giant hairball, the one thing that is stopping me form going bald by the time I’m 30, and what is that one thing? Well if you haven’t guessed by the title, it’s Bumble and bumble’s Sunday Shampoo.

I had been umming and ahhring about buying this shampoo for a while, it even featured in my Christmas Beauty Product Wish List but did I really want to be spending over £20 for a bottle of shampoo? Well no, if I’m honest I didn’t, so bring on the Boxing Day sales and apparently a little 20% off from really can persuade me otherwise. I do LOVE Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Hairspray (see a review here) and have used it everyday since I got it, so I wasn’t in any doubt that I wouldn’t love this product too.

This shampoo is said to do many things. It helps remove left over product build up from your hair that can damage it if not removed properly. It can help repair over heated and over stressed hair. But most of all, most of all…(I like the way you move…sorry had to do that) it is said to help hair effected by hard water.

Now, in the magical lands of the North where people don’t put an ‘r’ after their a’s, the water is lovely and soft. It tastes like heaven and there is certainly no scum floating on the top of your glass when you drink. Lime scale is just an old wives tale in Sheffield and there’s no need for Calgon tablets, our washing machines are safe as hard water is something completely unheard of. So, you can imagine the shock my hair had when suddenly, after 24 years of bliss, it was forced to wash itself in such horrors. Well let’s just say my hair threw a major paddy, “If you’re going to continue to wash me in this sh*t” it said, “well, I'm not going to stick around for it.” Yep you guessed it, since I moved to London, I’ve been malting like a B**ch!

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo Review

So, the Sunday Shampoo arrived (in a very large bag full of other beauty products) and I was eager to put it straight to the test. My first impressions were that I love the packaging, but that’s the case with all the Bumble and bumble products. They’ve made their branding simple but classy and it looks high end without being too in your face. I do have a teeny tiny criticism with this shampoo as I find that it doesn’t lather very well. You therefore need a hefty amount to shampoo your whole head of hair and for the high price, I really don’t want to be using large amounts at one time. My clever way around this is to only use a small amount of the product on the roots because that’s want needs to be strengthened in this horrible hard water. I then use my regular shampoo to wash all my hair again, as alone the Bumble and bumble doesn’t seem to make my hair feel completely clean.

However, using this tactic is still proving very effective. As this shampoo is meant to be a weekly treatment you obviously save the pennies by not using it every time you wash your hair. I have been using it a little more frequent than that by using it every other time I wash my hair, but the effects really have been amazing.

Straight away, after my first wash with this shampoo I could already see how this shampoo was helping repair my hair. The fall out was significantly less than before and this is only increasing the more I use it. I have slowly started using it less throughout the week and the effects are still great. I do aim to only be using this once a week eventually but I think I need to keep using this shampoo frequently for a while to help completely strengthen my hair before I can reduce the use.

Either way this shampoo really is making such a huge difference to my suffering hair. No only is it actually staying on my head and I can no longer literally pull it out when I run my fingers through it, my hair looks shinier and feels healthy. It’s been less frizzy and needs less product to keep it under control. Although I never used to use too much product on my hair, I have to admit I have started to use more after I ombred it about a year ago. This shampoo is helping to strip any build up of these products from my hair and is keeping it in the very healthy condition it was before I moved to London.

All in all I couldn’t recommend this shampoo enough. If you use product or dye your hair, put it through a lot of heat stress or worst of all live in a hard water area (unless your crazy enough to wash your hair in Evian) this shampoo is an absolute must for you. Yes, it does come with a hefty price tag, but if you use it wisely it could last you a very long time. I have been using this for about 3 weeks and I’m only a small percentage of the way down the bottle. I’m so happy that 20% discount pushed me to get this; I wouldn’t live without it now.

Have you used this shampoo, what do you think of it? Could you scrape to spending over £20 for a shampoo? What are you favourite hair products and more specifically what are you favourite Bumble and bumble products?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Guest Post: Gaga About Beauty

Hey everyone, before we begin I've got to say a massive thanks to Hannah here on A Day In The Life Of A Northern Girl for giving me the chance to guest post on her blog! I'm Charlotte from GagaAboutBeauty (check me out on bloglovin and I'll love you forever). 

We might be well into February now but the sales are still going on, and one I forgot about until a couple of weeks ago was the amazing one at Illamasqua. I've only ever really dipped into the brand in a nail polish and testing other products in store, but my friend raves about them so I wanted to try. It's definitely not cheap, but in the sale I managed to get all four of these products for £20. Bargain!

Firstly I went for one of their Cream Foundations, down from £23.00 to just £5! As I had to guess online after looking at a million swatches I settled for 210, which is a tad darker than I am but I wanted this for a more heavy coverage for nights out, when I am usually fake-tanned up, so it turned out okay. As you can see from the finger dent in it though, it takes a lot of work to actually get it out of the pan and really warming to make it blendable. After a good dig in with a foundation brush I managed to get this onto my face, with really nice natural but full coverage, but it took too much work in my opinion (maybe I'm just lazy). Nice for £5, but I won't repurchase this at full price.

I also went for the concealer in the same colour, 210, as I've never had a concealer that matches a foundation perfectly and at £5 from £13 it was really cheap too! As you can see from the swatch it really does cover everything, and is super super creamy and blendable. I do find this means it slips about a bit, so a setting powder is a must! It is very similar to the foundation however (but less hard to use) so perhaps you wouldn't need it with the high coverage the cream foundation gives if you bought that. As you can probably see too, both products are very messy and a couple of uses to test them out seem to have got product all over the very pretty packaging, boo! 

Next was a product I've been lusting after for a really really long time. I've tried all sorts of powders for contour, but I found the normal Illamasqua one too orange and the contouring palette recently brought out was just so tiny for the price! At £24 I had already nearly bought this, so when it went down to £5 it was straight into that imaginary shopping bag! Although it's technically a powder foundation it works just like any other powder, and as it's foundation it has much less orangey tones than most bronzers. It's so subtle too, a sweep of this under the cheekbones and you'll be looking perfectly and naturally chiseled. A must for any contour addicts like me! 

Lastly I couldn't resist ANOTHER eye pencil, I must have hundreds by now. Illamasqua are known for their dramatic stage and party makeup though and so I thought I'd test that with their eyeliner in Fidelity, also £5. It's a really dark grey brown as you can see, but is really creamy so when smudged under the eye I found it faded into smokeyness really well. There was quite a few colours in the sale both online and in-store and I recommend trying them too if you're an eyeliner-kinda-gal. 

Here's the swatches on my hand (Cream Foundation, Concealer, Powder Foundation, Eyeliner). Apologies for the awful light it seems to be constant night-time outside here in Leeds. 

Since buying this lot another 10% discount has been added to the Illamasqua sale, plus it's always free delivery, so I'd get there quick if I was you! The foundations and concealers in the sale were limited to certain colours, but even if you dont find a match in the sale I've hopefully given you some food for thought on the products on the whole. I definitely think I'll be back to Illamasqua for their powder and eye products, but I'll stick to my usual base products for now as for the usual expensive prices I just wasn't blown away!

Finally just another huge thanks to Hannah and thanks to you for reading!

Check me out at if you want to read more and leave a comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences...


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Guest Post: Beauty by Eff

Before I start, I’d like to thank Hannah for letting me guest post on her blog.

Rimmel Glam’Eyes Liquid Eye Liner was one of my first makeup purchases. To this day, it is my favourite liquid liner. It has the perfect brush which is thin enough to draw the most subtle thin line, adding depth to the lash line. Or draw a bold, thick cat flick for a more glamorous look. This is permanently in my makeup bag and I always have a few backups, just in case Rimmel decides to change/discontinue it! I previously mentioned this on my #theonebrand – Rimmel post, but this liner *deserves* its name up in lights!

The colour is very black and opaque. It’s not waterproof but that’s because I don’t like waterproof liner/mascara. It’s fluid enough to work with but isn’t too ‘wet’ that it smudges on the lid. I always keep a wet cotton bud (Q-tip) handy so I can ‘erase’ any mistakes. Another reason why I love this so much – just really easy to use.
It doesn’t dry out and lasts for a long time. I probably have had this one tube for over a year! I’ve tried more expensive liquid liners that just doesn’t compare by any means! This liner is available at Boots for £5.29, making it amazing value for money!

Do you have fail-safe liquid liner you rely on?
Written by Farzana from Beauty by Eff.

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Guest Post: Polkadella

I’m Daniella and I blog over on polkadella, and the lovely Hannah has given me the opportunity of a little guest post on here blog. Thanks Hannah!

I have a new obsession so it’s only fitting to share. Purple lipsticks, I just cannot get enough of them.
Purple lipsticks you say? Yep that’s right. It’s not the most subtle of shades but when worn right I think it really gives some pow to a look.


 Let’s talk about the few I currently have in my collection

Maybelline Baby Lips – Berry Bomb (electric collection)
Starting safe with some balms. I’m not afraid to express my love for the Baby Lip ranges available. I have been lucky enough to receive a couple of the US Electric range in a beauty swap. This shade is a sheer purple with a lovely scent of berry goodness. Easy for a quick sweep of colour without going to a big fuss.
 I actually use this as a base for most of my purple lip products.
You can get it on eBay here 

Maybelline Baby Lips – Grape Vine
Another shade which I haven’t seen in Boots or Superdrug, I think this is from a limited edition range but I’m not 100% on that.  This I also received in a beauty swap. You can never have too many lip balms, especially ones that are Grape scented. Again another lip prep balm. I also like to wear the balms alone on them days when a lipstick is just too much maintenance.
I have seen this on eBay here

Revlon Matte Balm – Shameless
This one is hot on the shelves as it’s only just been released in the UK, I got my hands on this over December. The last couple of weeks this has been my go to purple. I love the scent, I love the shade and most of all I love the matte finish. With this particular product you don’t need to layer it on as it does start to look drying on the lips. I like to apply softly around the lip line then fill in.
Get it here £7.99 currently on 3 for 2 so why not get more shades

Collection 2000 Little Mix – Perrie
This is the core reason I started a new love for the colour purple on my lips.
When this range launched I really wasn’t fazed until I saw this particular shade popping up on blog posts and immediately needed it. After a couple weeks of disappointment I finally got my mitts on it. Not only is purse friendly, the colour beautiful but it applies easy peasy and is ever so pigmented but if that wasn’t has a semi matte finish which is riiiight up my current street. I would love to try the other shades from the range offered.
Get it here £2.99

MUA Luxe – Kooky
Of course an MUA product would have to be included. For anyone who hasn’t yet seen the lip lacquers knocking around I suggest you try them out. With five shades available and a bargain alternative to the much loved Lime Crime Velvetines. This is the daring garish shade of the bunch and probably my least worn. However when worn very lightly (blotted once or twice) It looks fabulous. Liquid to matte wonderfulness.
Get it here and here £3.00

Fearne Cotton Kiss & Tell – (no shade name)
My last offering is from a set I grabbed after Christmas. None other than the much loved Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton. I’ve wanted to try her sets for a while, especially her lip ones. This is an all matte set containing four shades with no names. This is the darkest shade, its more of a berry purple but it is still very relevant. The only thing about these are they are a bit tough so a quick balm underneath to loosen them up is required.

This set may still be hiding in various Boots, otherwise no more Cotton until next Christmas.

Whilst browsing my purple wonderland I came across my two current favourite nail pairings. Which are also purple..funny that.
These are both from Barry M also, my old pal.

Barry M - Berry Cosmo & Royal Glitter Countess
Both look lovely alone but paired together give that extra something something.
Berry Cosmo is a deep but also bright purple which was created with the help of Cosmopolitan.
Countess is a mix toned sand glitter with purples and bronzes streaming through, really pretty.

OOPS, did anyone notice my polishes starting to leak all over the place?

Not quite 50 shades but well on the way.
Enjoy the rest of your day and if you’d like to see more from me I’m here


Friday, 7 February 2014

Guest Post: Betzy's Makeup

Motives By Loren Ridinger Max Lips Lipstick in Sunkissed 

Retails for: 


Would I repurchase? Yes. 


I'm always on the haunt for the perfect lipstick, I mean what women isn't? I've had the opportunity to try several different brands throughout the years that I can say Motives is one of the best. Although they have different collections when it comes to lipsticks I find they are all moisturizing and long lasting. At the end of the day I just want a lipstick that is going to be there with me throughout the day and that moisturizes my lips at the same time. After many years of searching I think I finally found the winner, what do you think? 

Shade - 

I'm not a big fan of red lipstick because I have a hard time finding the correct tone and shade for me. However this orange red lipstick stole my heart away almost immediately after trying it out. 

Longevity - 

The advantage of this particular lipstick is that it leaves a stain even after it's faded. I would say that it last’s approximately 5 hours before it starts fading away completely. 

Betzy is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Betzy's Makeup

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Guest Post: Cluttered Closet's February Wishlist

Hiya, this is Kal from Cluttered Closet. For those of you who already read my blog, you will know that I love nothing more than a good base product and skincare. So it will be no surprise to you that this February, my Beauty Wishlist comprises of exactly those two things! Enjoy!

Beauty Wishlish Feb 2014

1. Zelens 3T Complex Essential Anti-Aging Cream (Space NK, £95) : If this time last year you had told me that I would be lusting after a £95 face cream I would have probably said something rather rude followed by "Do you know how many Nando's £95 can buy me??". In all honesty, even my beauty lover self probably wouldn't want this if it wasn't for the fact that I received a sample in a Space NK GWP bag. I can see why it carries such a hefty price tag as it transformed my skin in the space of a few days. My skin was smooth and supple and, for the first time in 10 years, I felt like I had skin worthy of no make up. Unfortunately, like with all free good things, the sample came to an end and I have been lusting after it since. Well it is my birthday this month, so hopefully someone's having a little read...

2. Korres White Tree Fluid Gel Cleanser (Feel Unique, £15.99) : Another skincare lust is this bottle of joy. I am always after a new cleanser, despite the fact that I have about fifteen million cleansers to get through. The skincare junkie in me is always trying to find the next best thing to clear up my adult/teenage skin. Korres is a brand which I have yet to try and I've been seeing it pop up all over the place. My friend has been using this little beauty and once I'd had a sniff of this stuff, I was pretty sure I needed it sometime soon. Once my Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Cleanser is finished, this slightly foam-ier cleanser would be perfect to use with my old friend Clari.

3.Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer (John Lewis, £21) : My sole mission in life is to find a concealer heavy duty enough to cover the under-eye luggage I have. I suffer from hereditary dark circles and have had a number of swatches of this one and it seems pretty good. In fact I've swatched it so many times at the same counter that the man is starting to look at me slightly oddly. #bbloggerproblems. It seems to be incredibly pigmented and if its anything like the other products in the range it will not budge all day. I have the Double Wear concealer that comes in a tube and love it, so this is definitely one for me to buy soon. 

4. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (Feel Unique, £5.99) : I recently took the plunge and tried a sponge make up applicator in the form of the Models Own Beauty Sponge. If you have read my review of it, you will know I wasn't all that impressed (review can be found here). In the comments, and on Twitter, a number of people recommended this sponge and said it worked really well for them. I already love the Real Techniques brushes so I am eager to give this one a shot. As one last attempt to fall in love with sponges before I fully commit heart, body and soul to brushes. 

5. Sleek Matte Me Lipstick (Superdrug, £4.99) : I am a hoarder of lipsticks. The amount of repeat colours I have is not even a joke any more. Whenever I go anywhere near a make up stand, I gravitate towards lipsticks. Even though I know I have way too many. I have had my eye on the Sleek Matte Me's for a few months and for some bizarre reason haven't actually purchased them. I recently tried a similar drugstore product in the shape of the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers and am in love with them (post on the blog here). So I'm pretty sure over the next month I will pick this one up. Or should I say all the available shades even if they do not go with my skintone. 

6. theBalm BalmShelter Tinted Moisturiser (Feel Unique, £17.50) : Now that it is coming up to Spring, I am going to start switching up base products and looking for tinted moisturisers. Now that my skin is starting to look a bit better, I feel okay with having a lighter base. I have been eyeing up this product since I purchased the Mary Lou-Manizer and Frat Boy Blush. I am intrigued by the fact that, unlike many tinted moisturisers, this comes in a variety of colours so maybe my Olive skin will be well catered for. As with all products only available online, it is difficult however to make sure you pick up the right colour. So if you know of any blogs where this has been swatched or reviewed please send them my way! 

What is on your Wishlist this February? Have you tried any of my lusted for items? Comment below, visit my blog or tweet me: @clutteredc


Monday, 3 February 2014

The One Brand: L'Oreal

Ok, yes this is late again but if you read my last post you'll know why. Anyways, wow, when did it become the last week of The One Brand? That has really flown by. I have loved this series, although I may not have stuck to the schedule to a fine tooth comb but I have really enjoyed getting to know the stories behind different make up brands and companies. Some have provided us with some hidden history gems (like Maybeline) and some have left me questioning the companies a little. However it’s been interesting none the less.

This final week pay’s homage to one of the biggest names in the beauty world…L’Oreal , and what do I mean by that, I mean that they own almost every flipping beauty company out there. With Maybeline and Yve Saint Lauren just two of the brands under their belt, the people in the board room of L’Oreal are probably sitting pretty darn pretty at the head towers.

Loreal is a French brand that was founded by Eugene Scheller in1909. The brand actually started from Mr Scheller creating a simple hair dye formula which he kept developing and changing. The chemist then expanded into other beauty products. Today L'Oreal now owns over 500 companies with thousands of products. With the famous strap line of "Because we're worth it" I get the impression L'Oreal really cares about their customers. So now on to a mix of my favourite L'Oreal products and which I'd like to treat myself too.

After using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Toner, and although I loved it, I didn’t see why it was any different to any of the other toner waters I’d used before. When the new L’Oreal toner ranges first came out I found them on a ridiculously great offer. I think they were selling at Boots for under £2 so of ofcourse one popped into my basket. Although I don’t quite feel the effects of toner too much, this little bottle leaves my face pretty smooth after I’ve used it. However, the bottle isn’t the easier to use when it comes to pouring out the toner, there have been many times where I have had a toner covered lap but the product itself does alright so I can get over this.

My second product is one that is a pretty new discovery for me really. It's the Elnett hair spray which has replaced my old favourite John Freda Frizzies love. This hair spray is so light weight but has the strongest hold out of all the hairsprays I've tried in my time. There is no sticky crispy hair with this and if you don't like how you've styled your hair with the spray, you can brush the product out really easily. I'm not sure how I feel about the smell of it yet though. I can't decide if I really like it or really hate it!!

The next products in my collection are L'Oreal's fake nails. I'm not sure how I feel about these and you can see why in my review here. Although they do the loveliest styles an are relatively easy to apply I find the nail sizes very unrealistic. It was really difficult to get a fake nail to fit each of my own. Some fit amazingly and others were either too big or too small and didn't fit down to the cuticle. I know you can file these down but I feel the whole point of buying fake nails is for the whole thing to be a quick and hassle free process and I don't think that's the case with these.

Next we come to the wishlist items as that is the extent of my L'Oreal collection. I am always looking for good skin care products as, yes, make up can cover up any imperfections, but tackling the problem at its source is also a must. Good skincare products will certainly help this. Although I don’t have really bad skin and I’m not really prone to a major break outs, I do have an uneven skin tone and do find that the odd spot I do get leaves a pesky mark for a few weeks after. I am currently using Palmers Dark Spot Corrector which I have done a review as a guest post on the lovely Steph’s blog (see here), however, I am always willing to try new things. L’Oreal isn’t an overly expensive brand so I don’t mind paying a little to test something out. The Palmers cream has made me a tiny bit more confident without make up (I still wouldn’t leave the house without it mind) but maybe this L’Oreal Even Tone moisturiser could really help boost my confidence.
The final item on the wish list and the final item on this post is the Telascopic mascara. I have heard great things about this but have the awful feeling its been discontinued. Why do brands do that? Create
great products that we come to love, and almost depend on, then they rip them away from us just as we feel we can’t live without it. It’s like stealing candy from a baby all you guilty beauty companies out there, just don’t do it. This mascara is meant to create a mean looking lash, extending them to some extreme amounts. I’m not sure if they create a thicker look but he Teescopic could be paired with a widening mascara to give your eyes both. You know “we are worth it” after all.

So that’s my top five, a bit of what I love and a bit of what I’d love to love. Do you have any of these products? What’s your verdict? And what good products have I missed out on?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Saturday, 1 February 2014

A little update: Sorry I've not been around

I wanted to just write this tiny little post to give you guys a quick update. You may or may not have noticed that I haven't posted in a while. I have also not been on twitter that much recently and this little post is to say sorry and let you know why.

This week has been a very very long one, when me and the other half moved to London we couldn't afford to live on our own so moved in with the best girl ever, she really has been a laugh to live with. However the location was rubbish, we could have been anywhere it didn't feel like we were living in London but still had the flipping commute. Our land lords weren't the best either (biggest understatement of the year) so we decided to bite the bullet and do the hugely stressful tiring thing that is moving house again, just the two of us. Twice in six months...uhhh!

So this past two weeks have been filled with sorting out everything for moving. The past week has consisted of a 3 hour round trip every night after work, dropping a car load of stuff in the new place...basically a week of hell!! We are on our final leg today, a huge trip from London to Sheffield to pick up anything we couldn't fit into our room 6 months ago and back to London again. All in all I have not had a spare moment to sit on the Internet and catch up with the blogging world. 

As I sit and write this in the hired van full of furniture and homely decorations, barely being able to keep my eyes open, I can hardly pick up the energy to be on twitter on my phone. So that's my excuse for being a bit AWOL at the moment. 

And it's going to last a little longer I'm afraid. As of Tuesday I will be relaxing in the lovely Portugal for a week, a truely deserved holiday if I do say so myself. But don't worry I have gathered together a bloody brilliant team to do some guest posts for me whilst I'm away. So let me introduce them to you. 

Charlotte from Gagaaboutbeauty 
Daniella from Polkadella 

There is potentially more guest posts coming so this list isn't final. But go check these lovely girls out now. 

I will back to the normal posting in a few weeks (I may even try and squeeze one in before I go) so I'll be back chatting soon. Hope all you lovely people are well. 

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx
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