Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April Favourites

So it's that time of the month again where we all share the products we've been loving through out the last 30 or so days. I don't know about you but this is the worst time of the month for my bank account! Reading everyone else's recommendations makes me create super long lists of products I just MUST try.

April has been a great month for me actually. I've got a new job, I reached 400 blog lovin followers (enter my giveaway here if you like), and it was my birthday...we'll skip on how old I am but let's just say I'll moved up a box when I'm next completing a questionnaire!! This month has also been a bit of a skincare party for me which certainly reflects in this months favourites. For the first time there isn't actually a single make up product in here at all, which is pretty rare for me. So lets get into it shall we?

My number one product this month has to go to Origins Dr Weil's Mega Bright Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer. I will be doing a full post on this soon but I thought I just had to include a little run down here. Basically this little beauty has made me feel a little more confident about my big old flippin dark eyes. It's been a problem I've always had and use a ludicrous about of concealers to cover them up (I'm not even joking here...I use 4 to make them look presentable, now that is dedication!) I use it both morning and night and it has definitely brightened those dark bags. Ok, yes it hasn't completely got rid of them as unfortunately I have to face the fact I'm stuck with these little critters for life but if I can keep toning them down with this cream I'll be a happy little bunny.

Next is something that I have loved and used for a long time now but I seem to have really fallen back in love with it again this month (not that I ever fell out of love with it). The Hydra Restore Cream from Oqibo* has been a moisturiser that I have really been appreciating this month as it's just soooo flipping hydrating. I've done a full review on this product here (and you could win it in my giveaway) but if you want a product that completely renourishes your skin, this is the product for you. I spent the Bank Holiday in Portugal this month and a mixture of the sun and not having my normal skin care products with me made my skin feel tight and horrible. This moisturiser has brought my skin back to life.

Another product that is making my skin feel pretty flippin' special this month is the La Roche-Posay Purifying Cleaning Gel for Oily Sensitive Skin. Now I know I have said many a times that Gel cleaners just do not in any way, shape or form help with oily skin...well, I'm going to eat humble pie here and go back on my word; awkward! So, yes, anyway this gel cleanser has done just that. My skin has been even less shiny this month and feels extremely healthy. It's also got a little glow to it that certainly wasn't there before I started using this cleaner, so all is looking good thanks to La Roche-Posay.

Next I just have to give credit to a little freebie I got from InStyle Magazine. I no longer buy magazines for what articles they are writing anymore (apart from Company Magazine which I read from cover to cover every month) but I'm heading to the one with the best freebie. Please tell me I'm not the only one that does that?!? I have to admit I wasn't expecting much from free eyelash curlers but mine had see much much much better days so I thought "why not." Obviously (as they wouldn't be in my favourites post) the Eyeko London curls have blown me away...actually they make my eyelashes look like they are been blown upwards! After the tenniest tinest squeeze with these curlers my lashes look incredible. So good in fact that if I was one of those lucky people that had thick lashes, I doubt I'd even need mascara once I'd used these. So, I have now decided the "nothing beats a good freebie" saying is wrong, it should be "nothing beats a good freebie, except a freebie thats flippin brilliant!".

My final favourite has again helped with that dreaded shine that I constantly bang on about..yeah sorry about that! The Vichy Dermablend Translucent Power has not only tamed the shine from developing through out the day but it has also helped pro-long my make up too, so what's not to love. I have done a full review on this product that explains this silky soft powder's full potential but all in all it's the best powder I've ever used...and I've used hundreds.

So there we go, my April favourites. What products have you been loving this month?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

400 Followers and Blog Birthday Giveaway

I've hit a bit of a double whammy here and wanted to celebrate in style. For one I have just hit 400 Blog Lovin' followers and I want to say a major thank you to every single one of you that follows me on there. The second mile stone is that it's my blog birthday...ok that's not entirely true but I'll explain.

I technically started my blog at the end of January last year but I wasn't very serious about it and didn't start blogging regularly till the beginning of May. So I decided that my unofficial blog birthday, and the day I'm going to celebrate it, is the 6th of May. 

Anywho I will stop rambling and will get into the giveaway. I want to reward all my lovely readers (old and new) to say a great big thank you for all your support. I also want to say a big thank you to Oqibo who have let me use their amazing Hydra restore cream (I did a review here) as the main gift. This moisturiser is truly amazing and so hydrating it's a must for everyone's skincare collection, it's also great for all skin types.

I'll give a little run down of what else I will be giving away, I snuck a good few of my favourite products in here to really personalise the give away, so here goes:

1. Oqibo's Hydra Restore Cream - as it's just amazing!

2. A 50ml bottle of Bumble and Bumble's thickening spray as it's my absolute favourite hair product...of all time!!!

3. Another favourite of all time of mine is (quite surprisingly) a £1 MUA cream blush. I know it seem's like an odd favourite as it's so cheap but it's so easy to apply and the lasting power is incredible.

4. Another blush favourite is the elf cream blush. It's a cream to powder finish and it is incredible. It's also a great dup for Mac's 'Stay Pretty'.

5. I know I vowed to only use Rimmel 60 Second nail varnishes the other week (see here) buuuuut a favourite range of mine is the Barry M matte collection as I absolutely love Matte nails. So, I had to slip one into this giveaway. I chose a neutral colour seen as though it's turning into spring an all so 'Vanilla' is going into the giveaway.

6. And now for a spring/summer essential which comes in the form of Nivea's Lip Butter in Vinilla and Macadamia. As we all need to keep our lips hydrated in these warmer months a lip butter is a must and this is certainly a winner.

7. Finally, every girl needs a good lipstick in their life and some of my favourite lippies come from the MUA matte range. Again, tis the season to embrace the nudes so I went for the shade 'Totally Nude.'

So now for the boring stuff...

The Rules for the giveaway:
  • You must be living in the UK to enter. Unfortunately I can not do an international give away as I can't afford the shipping!!(and there are different laws) Very sorry.
  • If you are under 16 you must have permission from a parent or guardian to enter.
  • The giveaway starts on the 24th of May and will end on the 24th of June. If you enter after this time, you entry will not be valid.
  • The winner will be notified via twitter and must respond within 3 days of being notified to claim the price, if not it will be given to another entry.
  • If there are any technical issues with my giveaway I will try my hardest to resolve them asap. But remember technical issues can happen and can't be helped so please be kind and patient if they do.
  • Please don't just follow and then unfollow, I will check up on this.
Enter using Rafflecopter below. The winner will also be randomly chosen through this sight.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Mac Tag

So I'd like to say a big thank you to Ellis Rose for tagging me in this. I loved her Mac tag and you should definitely go read it here. Like her I'm not much of a tag person but when a good one comes a long I just have to get involved...I'm just sorry it's taken so long to get it up. So let's get straight into it shall we.

How long have you been using Mac for?

I can’t quite remember if I started using Mac in 2009 or 2010 but basically it’s been a good few years. My craving started from walking past the Mac shop in Nottingham pretty much ever day whilst I was at Uni. As I was a poor student at the time I never actually got anything. Then I headed off to Thailand for a few weeks and was met by millions and millions of fake Mac products. Although my student self was telling me to buy it all as it was stupidly cheap, my conscience thankful won and I decided against it as, well it’s not fare on any company to make fakes now is it. However, when I got home I received a
little Xmas present in the form of a Mac voucher so I could finally get myself something…and I never looked back.

What was your first Mac product?

Ah, what did I get with said Mac voucher? Well, I purchased a very lovely Mac blush that I still use on a regular basis. And I know I know, I shouldn’t have kept that blush for so many years as make up has a shelf life/all the bacteria blah blah blah but I have kept this little beauty as clean as a whistle and I regularly clean my blush brush with a daily brush cleaner so the blush is still in really great condition. The blush I got is a lovely pink shade called ‘Stay Pretty’ and it really does give you baby doll cheeks.

What is your favourite Mac product?

Really!?! That’s like asking a mother who is her favourite child!! If I HAD to choose I’d say at the moment it's my Mac Matte Lipstick in Diva as it is still new to me. It is also something I can’t wear on a day to day basis like the rest of my Mac products so I still get excited when it comes out of my MUJI draw.

What’s your least favourite Mac product?

Now this one is easy. About 2 years ago I decided to invest in my first liquid foundation and from all the hype around Mac I went to my local stand to get colour matched. I was given Mac’s Pro Longwear Foundation and at the time I loved it. Since discovering better liquid foundations, such as Estee Lauder and YSL I soon realised that the Pro Longwear was awful for me. For one it was the wrong colour and was too dark for me, but it was also rubbish at lasting through out the day and did not help my oily skin. But to say I haven’t used it in a good few months it’s still in my collection. Talk about a make up hoarder.

Do you own a Mac Pro Card?

I think it would be dangerous if I did!

What is your foundation shade?

Well, I’m not sure as after the previously explained worst MAC product/foundation disaster I haven’t gone back to MAC for my foundation. I do not what shade I’m not though and that’s NW20.


I might get a huge gasp off you here but I don’t have any. I have only tried MAC eye shadows on one occasion (I borrowed my mums and can’t remember the shades) and I did love them but I just can’t justify spending so much on a shadow.


As I said above definitely Diva however it’s the only one I’ve tried apart from Rebel  and Russian Red (which I also love). I am more than happy to try and make my way through all the shades though. I have asked for a new shade for my birthday on Friday and have also said to the other half to surprise me with the shade (in other words ask the MUA which shade is most popular).


Hate the stuff would never by lipgloss, even if it is made my MAC.


I have never tried a Mac Liner and I'm not sure if this question means Lip or Eye here. Either way I don’t think I’d ever buy a high end liner as I think the high street have nailed them. If I was to buy a Lip Liner I’d have to buy the one that matches Diva I suppose, so I can really pack a Diva punch.


Can I cheat here please?!? Well I’m going to anyway  I’m letting myself have a summer and winter favourite. I’d definitely say my summer favourite is the Stay Pretty mentioned before. My winter favourite is my newest addition to my Mac collection. Peachy is the perfect, well, peach colour. It is great for adding a little colour/tan to your face in the darker months.

And finally I might as well answer the next two questions together as they are going to be similar.

Nail Laquor and Pro Products?

I don’t have either of these unfortunately. I’ve heard great things about the Nail Laquors however I just can’t justify spending so much on a nail varnish. I’m so bad with finding time to apply varnish and once its on it stays there till it’s all chipped off so I think the Mac Nail Laquors are just too good for me really. And the pro products…well I have none at the moment but hopefully one day I will own them all!!!

So who shall I tag in this Mac Tag? Anyone who I do, don’t feel like you have to do it as I realise it is hard enough to get normal posts up, let alone tags. So, I tag...

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Review | Vichy Dermablend Transparent Powder

I could easily make this review very short and sweet by simply saying "you need this product in your  life" and leave it at that, but I'm sure you want a few more details. So, let me tell you why I have fallen in love with this product. If you haven't seen my post on the whole Vichy Dermablend event I was lucky enough to go to the other week I do mention this product a little and said I couldn't wait to try it. I was given it in a little (well actually it was a pretty large) goodie bag and put it straight to the test. I have tried using this translucent setting powder in two ways and the product works equally as brilliant for both but I'll give you a little run down of them throughout the review.

Firstly I tried this powder the traditional way, the way I have always used setting powders and that's over my finished make up look to help lock in my foundation. The first thing I noticed is this powder is literally silky soft. It's like putting little sprinkles of heaven on your face. It also does a flipping good job at making your make up last longer. Vichy claims that when using this product over the top of its own foundations it can keep your make up looking amazing for an extra 4 hours. Unfortunately I don't yet have the amazing Vichy Correction Fluid Foundation so I can't test that theory, however I do notice it makes my make up last a hell of a lot longer. I can't give you the number of hours because, well I don't time it, but my make up still looks pretty darn good when I finish work. My make up has normally  all faded by the time I leave at 5pm but not when I'm using this beauty. The Vichy Dermablend Powder really has been the best setting powder I have ever used and trust me I've used a lot in my oily skinned days. It doesn't leave your skin looking cakey in the slightest even if you do re apply it during the day. It is also doing a flipping brilliant job at stopping the shine coming through which is amazing for me.

The other method of using this powder is a new one to me and I'm sure a lot of you are now doing this now if you are a fan of the legendary make up artist that is Wayne Goss. Basically he recently made a video that shows you how great you make up can be by apply powder first, before foundation. Yes I know that sounds odd but trust me it has been the best make up tip I've heard in ages....maybe even ever! Applying this translucent powder onto my face in-between my primer and my foundation has made a considerable difference in how long my make up stays on my face. I have also noticed that doing this has worked wonders for my oily skin (yes I know I mention oily skin at least twice a post now ha). It's like this powder is catching the shine before it can reach the surface. Putting this powder on first isn't having a negative affect on how easy it is to put my foundation on either. It goes on like a dream and doesn't go cakey at all (which I really thought it would have) however I would say add a bit more moisturiser on then normal if you are going to powder first. Here is a little link to the video if you're interested...you tell 'em Wayne!

Using Vichy's Dermablend Translucent powder has made a significant improvement to my make up look in so many ways. For one it makes my face feel softer than ever and, well, anything that stops me from having to top up, blot or re-powder throughout the day is a god send to me. I will definitely be repurchasing once this little freebie runs out. Major thank you to Vichy again for your generosity in handing these out to us bloggers.

Have you tried the Vichy Dermablend Powder? Have you tried the powder before foundation trick? Does it work for you? What are your favourite powders?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Sunday, 6 April 2014

March Favourites

Ahhh another monthly favourite, that's two in a row now get me! I said I'd try and do more and I actually am...I'm proud of myself even if no one else gives a damn!!! March has been a lovely month, it's been getting warmer and the sun has been shinning loads and it's starting to feel that summer could potentially happen...hopefully, and what does that mean? I can bust out my Ray Bans yay! Anyway I have discovered some lovely products this month (well actually some have been through out the whole year but I've really been appreciating them more this month).

The first favourite of this month I'm not going to go into too much detail as I did a pretty lengthy post on it last month here. This product is the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo and it has literally been my knight in shinning armour. Long story short (and click the link above if you want the longer story) since moving to London and having to wash my hair in hard water my hair hasn't been happy. Not only had it decided to malt like the fluffiest of all dogs, it had also lost its shine, however not anymore. This shampoo has worked a tiny miracle on my hair and it's (almost) back to its original Sheffield water condition and it no longer falls out. This shampoo is a once a week treatment that also helps with stripping out any left over product that can damage your hair. All in all I don't know where I'd be without this beauty, well actually I do....I'd probably be bald.

This ties in perfectly with my second favourite which is another shampoo. If you read my full post on the Sunday Shampoo you will note that I state its only downfall is the fact it doesn't lather very well. It also has a pretty large price tag so taking these two factors in mind I have decided that you need to wash your hair with another shampoo to get fully clean locks and to save your pennies. So I decided to get what ever shampoo was on offer at the time and I have since fallen in love with it. This shampoo is the L'Oreal Ever Riche and it's gorgeous. Not only does it make my hair shiny and super soft, it leaves it smelling absolutely amazing. The smell is a coconut and shea butter hybrid and it literally lasts all day. Every time I move my head, no matter what time of the day it is, I get a full on whiff of this heavenly scent, even the other half loves the smell.

My next favourite is of course a lovely lippy, my absolute favourite lippy I own to be more exact. Diva from Mac was a bit of an impulse duty free buy when I had 2 hours to kill at the airport and thank god I did. I have done a full post on it here, but basically tax free beauty hall shopping is enough to send any beauty blogger into an absolute frenzy and I think I managed to restrain myself quite well. The Mac lipstick stand did however call my name and I was over in a second. Diva wasn't my first choice of colour but I am so happy I got it. This colour is the perfect plum tone but doesn't look too vampy. I'm not going to lie, if you're not one for bold colours perhaps this one isn't for you but if you're looking for more of a subtle statement lipstick (what a contradiction that is) this lipstick is the one for you. It's from the Matte range but doesn't dry out your lips too much or stick to any flakes (especially if you use a scrub before hand). The colour pay off is amazing and it lasts a very long time especially if I use my next favourite with it.

My fourth monthly favourite is e.l.f's Long Wear Lip Liner in Bitter. I've had this lip pencil for months, maybe even years but never really appreciated it. I'm not usually one for using lip pencils as, to be honest, I either can't be arsed or I forget. That extra step between the lip scrub, the lip balm, the lipstick prolonging product and finally the lipstick applying is just something that tips me over the edge. BUT, after seeing so many of you out there rave about the effects of using such a product, I thought I'd give it a little whirl. I have used it before but it was on a night out so let's just say I was too 'merry' to take note of the effects. After purchasing my lovely Mac lippy I noticed that this pencil was a similar colour so decided to re put it to the test and I was very impressed. Although Diva has great lasting power on it's own, this pencil helped it last all night even through dinner and numerous drinks. So it has won me over and no doubt I will be buying lip pencils to match all my lipsticks now!

My final favourite is a bit of a Soap and Glory cult love, saying that most of their products have huge followings as let's face it, they're all pretty amazing. Anywho, as an oily skinned gal I am always trying to find new ways of tackling my problem and scrubs are a good way to do this. The Scrub Your Nose In It has had some great reviews out there in the blogging world so when all soap and glory products were a third off at Boots the other week three of their products ended up in my basket (which was actually a better deal than the 3 for 2 they do...happy blogger). This scrub is really great as it's one of those products that makes your skin feel tight and tingly when applied which I love in a product as you can feel really it working. The smell is pretty nice too as it's got a hint of mint to it. The scrub itself is quite a harsh one for a facial scrub but that's what I was after really. It has had an impact on my oily skin which is great but it hasn't completely eliminated the problem. I also feel like this product is not as caring and luxurious to the skin than my Oqibo one which is more of a daily scrub (see for a full review here) but I am still enjoying using Scrub Your Nose In It for a weekly deep exfoliate.

What have your March favourites been? Have you tired any of these and are you loving them too? Let me know in the comments below, I love reading them.

Thanks for reading,
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