Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Review | NV Lipstick in Pixie

I was lucky enough to discover a new make up brand the other week. I love finding new brands which I haven't heard much about and I love trying new products that I wouldn't necessarily have discovered if it wasn't for this whole blogging thang! NV is the latest amazing discovery in my make up obsessed world.

NV were very kind in letting me try out 3 different products and I have to say I've been impressed by everything these products have to offer, from the packaging to the actual products themselves. NV sent me a lipstick, some eyeliner and an eyeshadow and this post is dedicated to the lipstick (the others will come soon so stay tuned).

The packaging of this lipstick is AMAZING! Firstly it reminds me of the Nars, secondly it's square and I love a bit of square packaging and thirdly it's flipping magnetic. The lid magnetically clicks to the base which makes it great for popping in your handbag as there's no risk of the lid falling off and paining everything inside (which has happened far too many times to me for my liking!)

So lets get onto the lipstick itself. The shade NV kindly sent me was Pixie and it's a beautiful baby pink. Ok, I have to admit this shade isn't something I'd normally go for but I was excited to try it out as it was so out of my comfort zone. If I'm really honest I'm not totally sure if it suits me but I do love everything else about this lipstick and here's why...

The consistency takes a while to settle on my lips but I think that's because mine are on the dry side. Once it has settled it looks great. This lipstick has a sheer texture but dries to more of a matte finish. It doesn't dry out the lips at all and feels incredibly moisturising and nourishing. It's almost feels like it's on the balm side of the lipstick spectrum but with a bolder finish. I love the fact this lipstick dries relatively quickly as there's none of that sticky feeling an hour after you've applied.

I think I prefer the look of this lipstick after it's had time to settle in and faded a bit as it looks more natural and less bold. Although I think the baby pink shade is a bit too girly for me I do love the formula, longevity and texture so much that I really want to buy some other colours. Forever, Siren and Sorbet all look incredible and might make their way into my collection soon.

All in all I am extremely impressed with this lipstick. Although I'm not a huge fan of the colour, that's only my personal preference. I love showing the packaging off on my dresser and I could imagine a little collection of them chilling away on my side. This lipstick is also incredible for it's price, it's only £6 but has the quality of something much more expensive. Take a look at NV's website here as they really do have some great finds. 

Have you tried this NV lipstick before? Have you tried any other NV products? What would you recommend? 

Thanks for reading and thank you so much to NV. Make sure you stay tuned for some more NV reviews in the next few weeks. 

Hannah xxx

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Review | CCS Foot Care Cream

Right I'm going to warn you in advance here, if you're not a foot fan then maybe you should press the exit button now! There aren't going to be any pictures of my feet don't worry but if you're really not a foot lover I will be going into detail about my've been warned!

I didn't think I'd review a foot cream on A Day In The Life of a Northern Girl but then again I never thought my feet would started to look like that of a 60 year old woman's! I have to admit, I never get my feet out in public as a very broken toe nail makes my left foot look like Quasimodo! Open toe sandals are a huge no no for me but this doesn't mean I want the other foot to go in the same direction. With the combination of my ugly toe and some very cracked heels I thought it was about time to take care of the two (surprisingly small for my height) things that carry me around all day. So I was somewhat delighted we I received some CCS goodies designed to pamper even the grimmest of feet.

I couldn't decide out of the Foot Care Cream or the Foot Warming Cream I was more excited about trying! As I said above, my heels are too cracked for comfort but my tootsies are ALWAYS freezing and wearing 3 pairs of my boyfriends socks just ain't cutting the mustard.

I'll be reviewing the Foot Warming Cream in another post so stay tuned for that, but in the mean time let me tell you about the Foot Care Cream. For starters this product isn't just for those that have dried and cracked feet. The thick and rich moisturiser is great for anyone who wants baby bum soft feet, and oh my gosh how it leave them feeling smooth to the max.

I can't fully express how impressed I am with the cream. I kid you not, after just one use my heels went from so cracked I could almost pull the skin off to healed and smooth! I'm not even over-reacting here, it was like this cream had performed a mini miracle over night. Yes my heels were still on the hard-ish side but after one use I was not expecting them to feel like this, like I'd had a 4 hour hardcore foot pampering session!

After a few uses the rest of my feet were so soft they felt like they were brand new, they've never felt this good in my life! I can't express just how amazing this cream is. I've never used a product that delivers such impressive results after the first use and then continues to impress as I keep using it! I would only change one thing about this cream...the packaging says "See the difference in 5 days" - they should really change that to 1 day!!!!

As someone who really wasn't bothered about foot treatments and would never really buy anything foot related, CCS have managed to completely change my mind. I'll certainly be checking out some more of their products soon and you can take a peek at their products here.

How often do you take care of your feet or do you ignore them all together? What are you foot care recommendations if you do treat your tootsies to some lovin'? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading and thanks to CCS for sending me this wonder cream and opening my eyes to the importance of taking care of my feet!

Hannah xxx
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