Monday, 4 August 2014

Review | Neil's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm

I while ago now I was asking you amazing bloggers out there how you would spend a Neil's Yard Voucher and I was lucky enough to receive a few samples from the lovely Wendy (@wise_wendy) of the Neil's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm. Since Wendy sent me these samples and I have really loved trying the beauty balm out.

What first caught my attention about this balm is how it sounded like a miracle in a tub. The amount of wonderful things it can do for the skin is just incredible - so here's just a few things this wonder product can be used for:

1. A rich cleanser
2. A gentle exfoliator
3. A deep nourishing balm
4. Evening out your skin tone
5. Restoring the skins natural protective barrier
6. Keeping skin radiant ....

...and breath! Another great thing I noted about this balm is how it works with every skin type, there is absolutely no reason as to why this balm couldn't work for everybody. It can be used to wash off the daily dirt or it can be left on the skin over night to give a really intense hydrating experience. Personally, as I have oily skin and this balm is extremely thick, I wouldn't leave it in on over night just because I don't need that extra hydration but it really has worked wonders on my skin. So let's get on with the review!

The first thing I noticed when trying this balm out was how amazingly thick this it is. I usually use the Emma Hardy Amazing Face Moringa Balm and I thought that was full on but the Neil's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm is so incredibly intense it's knocked the Emma Hardy one out of the park. I didn't realise you could get anything this nourishing and if you have dry skin you NEED this product in your life. Like I said before, I have oily skin but that doesn't mean I shouldn't go without an huge boost of hydration every once in a while and this beauty balm certainly gives a incredible dose of moisture!

As I said above, the consistency of this balm is very think but it rubs into the skin with ease. It takes make up off incredibly well as I normally have huge panda eye's when I'm washing my face but this balm breaks down all the mascara and there is hardly anything left after it's been rubbed in. I do highly recommend using a muslin cloth or flannel to get this off as it is super intense and not the easiest to wash off with just water, but once it's wiped away this beauty balm leaves the skin feeling soooo smooth it's almost unbelievable. Now, I've used plenty of products in my time that have left my skin feeling silky soft but this almost puts them all to shame.

The smell of this product is also beautiful! The rose scent hits you straight away and stays on the skin for ages. The balm is described as a a gentle exfoliator and I'd like to put huge emphasis on the gentle here (but then again I do love a harsh scrub)! The balm has no beads in but I think it's the ingredients that naturally exfoliates and gently renourishes your skin. This balm is a brilliant cleanser and my skin feels so incredibly clean after I've used it. I'm not sure if it stops my skin for getting oily but it certainly doesn't make it any more oiler than normal, so that's definitely another tick in my book.

All in all this product is amazing, I can't describe how hydrating this balm is and how great it makes my skin feel. Have you tried the Neil's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm before? What are you favourite Neil's Yard products?

Thanks for reading and I'd like to say a huge thank you to Wendy for sending me these amazing products. If you ever want to order anything from Neil's Yard make sure you take a look at her website here


p.s major apologies to Wendy for how long it's taken to get this up, this post has been sitting in my drafts for ages...sorry!

Friday, 1 August 2014

3 Ways To Style A Kimono

I've wanted to do this post for a while now for 2 reasons; 1. I want to try and start to do more outfit posts and 2. I flipping love kimono's. They've definitely been huge this summer, appearing in most shops and certainly appearing in a lot of my weekly outfits and I was finally encouraged to do this kimono 3 ways post after I was approached by Rare London.

The online (and in the Sheffield Topshop I noticed last week) store was not one I'd heard of before they got in touch with me, but they're definitely on my raider now as the clothes are all completely stunning. With some beautiful playsuits, dresses and two pieces to choose from it wasn't easy to narrow it down to one item but I decided on the Black Green Floral Printed Kimono as it was pretty much love at first sight. The beautiful colours, stunning floral pattern, cut and length are just all perfect.

Now, as you may know from previous outfit posts I seem to turn into the most socially awkward person when I get in front of a camera (even if it's on a tripod and no one else is in the room) so I will apologise for the uncomfortable looking pictures in advance...anyway here's 3 way's I styled this beautiful kimono.

The first outfit is very casual and I've found it to be perfect for this freakishly hot weather we're having in England at the moment! When I have my legs out (which is a very rare thing) I find I like to cover my arms as much as possible so it's not all skin and this kimono fits the bill perfectly. I think teaming some denim shorts, but not those hideous ones that let your bum cheeks hangout, with a plain T and throwing this beautiful kimono on top creates the perfect summer day outfit.

For those who like to keep their legs covered a maxi skirt is a great item to team up with this floral kimono. What I like best about this kimono from Rare London is that it has poppers meaning you can wrap it round yourself. Closing this kimono up is great when you have a flowing skirt like this one as it helps shape the figure. To complete this outfit I like to slip a low necked vest top underneath to give it a real summer feeling.

My final kimono outfit is one I like to wear when I'm dressing up a little bit. Pairing the beautiful kimono with some skinny jeans and a silk v-necked strappy cami is a great way to smarten up the outfit. Of course no evening attire would be right if you didn't add some red lippy so I've added some Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl to really add a punch. To really top this outfit off put on your best pair of heels and sass the night away!

I am totally in love with this kimono, I have worn it so much since I received it and I know it's going to be in my wardrobe for years to come. So, how do you style your kimono's and what do you do to differentiate between day and night? Have you got anything from Rare London? I highly recommend them they have a brilliant choice of outfits.

Thanks for reading and a big thanks to Rare London,
Hannah xxx

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