Thursday, 11 December 2014

APP Review | The Hunt

The other week I was meant to go to the launch of a fairly new app that has been floating around the fashion and beauty world but unfortunately I was't feeling very well so couldn't make it. However, I have been totally obsessed with the app ever since I got the invite, and if you have't already guessed what that app is by the title, it's The Hunt.

So what exactly is The Hunt? Some of you may already know as the website has been around since 2013 but the free app officially launched in the UK last month. It's already a popular little thing with over 3 million people registered, and if you're not one of those 3 million then what the hell are you playing at, you need this in your life!!!

The Hunt provides a brilliant new way to shop online as it allows users to upload their our own pictures of clothes, accessories, cool gadgets...anything you can think of really, but there has to be one specific thing that makes you want to post that desperately need it in your life and you don't know where to buy it from. The Hunt community are the people who will help you track it down.

The great thing about The Hunt is how you can put different filters on your search. For example you can ask for The Hunt community to find you the exact item you've posted or alternatively, something a little similar to make the search easier. You can set a budget of how much you want to spend as well as setting the find for the UK or Internationally. 

This app has literally changed my life. If I see anything I've been lusting after but can't for the life of me find, I head straight to The Hunt. I also find it so fun to help others find their wants and needs.

Your search doesn't have to stop at finding items either, you can use the app to get advice from the many fashion lovers already registered to the app. There are many posts asking how to style outfits or what other items would go with a certain jumper for example. Again, you don't have to stop at fashion, there are plenty of people asking for book recommendations, new YouTube channels to subscribe too and great blogs to follow. 

The Hunt community are a friendly, helpful and overall brilliant bunch that I have really enjoyed becoming a part of. I find myself on many occasions just flicking through trending finds and popular request, looking for fashion tips or great gift ideas as it runs up to Christmas. Overall this app is a new favourite of mine as it pretty much mixes Instagram with shopping...two of my favourite things. 

Have you tried The Hunt yet?

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

La Roche-Posey Serozinc Toner Review

So, it's official, the secrets out and I think the UK blogging scene is about to explode with excitement. Finally, after years of us having to pop over the channel to get the cult product that is Serozinc, our difficulties are ending. As of the 1st of January La Roche-Posay are finally selling this wonder toner in the UK...aaaand pause for burst of excitement!

Me and a few other lovely bloggers were invited to a little Christmas event by La Roche-Posay and Dowal Walker. We all thought it was to celebrate the end of another great year but we received little hints that made us think something special was going to happen, and we weren't wrong. 

It soon became clear that Serozinc was coming to the UK, mainly by the giant Setozinc statue situated in the middle of the room (which got a hell of a lot of attention let me tell you)! The release was soon confirmed causing a sea of smiling faces from the bloggers. 

If you haven't already heard of Serozinc (I'm sure there's not many of you out there) it's a spray toner that has not only caused a huge stir with bloggers in France but also here as well. With bloggers stocking up whenever they get the Eurostar, this product has managed to drum up quite a cult following already. So, La Roche-Posay decided it was about time they let their UK fans join in on the fun, hassle free. 

La Roche-Posey Serozinc Toner Review

As I've said, it's already received rave reviews on blogs and YouTube channels alike. Giving you're face a quick sprits with this after you've cleansed and before you moisturise will help combat any unwanted shine and oil build up throughout the day. This product is also known for helping clear up and clean up blemish prone skin as well as tightening pores. It's hypoallergenic, fragrance free and full of zinc sulphate goodness. Pair this with the Effeclar Duo Fix Plus and I think we're looking at a winning skin combination. 

How can you get your hands on this cult product I hear you say? Well will be stocking Serozinc from the 1st of January 2015 but to make sure you get yours before it (no doubt) sells out, the waiting list is open now. Head here to get your name on that list and if your fast you could get a little bonus of 15% off (normally £8.50).

So, who's excited about the Serizinc UK launch? Have you been lucky enough to try this cult product yet? I will be doing a full review soon so stay tuned. 

Thanks for reading and thank you to La Roche-Posay for releasing this amazing product to the UK. Finally, a huge thank you to Dowal Walker for inviting me to the release. 

Hannah xxx

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The 12 Bloggers of Christmas

Christmas is the time of year to spread the festive cheer and that is exactly what I want to do with this post. Re-writing the 12 days of Christmas (spread across 2 posts to make it easier to digest) this post is going to dedicate some love to 12 different bloggers whose blog I love to read, love to chat to on twitter and most I've even had the pleasure of spending my time with. If you're not already religiously reading these blogs you flipping well should be. So let the first half of the Christmas cheer and good will begin.

This amazing lady is not only the loveliest and kindest person ever, she is also the blogger I have met the most and love any excuse to see her (we still need to go for those pancakes haha). Kal's blog Cluttered Closet is full of amazing daily posts which range from reviews, dupes and comparisons. If you are ever unsure as to whether you should buy a product or not, check if Kal has reviewed it. Her reviews are so detailed and in-depth she will definitely help you make your mind up. 

11. Kenzie from Lemonade Lies

This girl is amazing let me tell you! I've only had the pleasure of meeting her once but have had many a twitter chats with her and she has the ability to make you feel like you've known her for years the first time you meet. Her blog is not only brilliant to read but also gorgeous to look, I just love her layout and colour scheme. I don't know what else to say about Lemonade Lies, it's just a flipping great read and you'd be a fool to miss out on it!

Olivia is a lovely lady who I have met on numerous occasions. Not only does she arrange amazing meet ups, which are the cutest occasions ever, she also writes amazing posts. If you are into your photography or appreciate a well though out and beautifully captured picture you need to make you're way to Olivia's blog. Trust me, she always amazes me with the locations and layouts of her images. She also has style to kill for, all shared on her blog of course. 

This leads me nicely onto Nadja, Olivia's parter in meet up crime. Together they make up the Lovely ladies who created the Bloggers Tea Party which went down a storm. They are also the amazing minds behind Blogging Owls. Nadja's is such a lovely and funny lady and her blog really reflects her personality. Her post are full of great reviews and the best advise you could ever ask for, "how to rock a bold lip" is a personal fave of mine.

Again, I've had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful lady a number of times and she is just lovely to be around. I predict huge things for Zoe, she has already started blogging for Yahoo and I couldn't think of a girl more deserving. Her blog is a great mix of beauty and fashion and she will leave you wanting her whole wardrobe by the time you've finished reading. 

7. Maisy from  Maisymeow 

Speaking of great fashion, this lady has had me swooning over her outfits pretty much everyday. Her blog is full of great, wearable outfits and her Instagram is full off them too, I'm always double tapping her photos! Once you've finished drooling over her wardrobe you can drool over her recipes, her recent Black Forest Hot Chocolate post had me running to the stove straight away.

So guys, what are you waiting for? If you haven't already, get your butt's over to these beautiful ladies blogs and read away (I personally think you should hit the follow button whilst you're there too). I also encourage everyone who reads this to continue spreading the blogging love and continue the Christmas cheer (put a link below if you do so I can find some more great reads). Also, make sure you stay tuned for the next 6 blog's I can't live without!

Thanks for reading and thanks for these 6 girlies for keeping me entertained with their words :)


Monday, 8 December 2014

Beauty Wish List

Tis the season to create wish lists? Is that how the song goes? No! Ok then. Well I've been making them anyway as one can hope can't they? I have already made a 'what I've asked for for Christmas' wish list and this one is a 'if I'm lucky enough to receive a few pennies from Santa I would like to buy myself these' wish list. Phew that was a mouth full. Anyway here are the beauty buys I've been lusting over for a while now. 

First off I would love the limited addition Nars Laguna. As it is has been a total love of mine for a while now there is always need for a refil or a top up and getting it in this lovely packaging with a bigger pallette is just a Brucie bonus. 

Next I have added a few Aesop items to the equations. I've always wanted to try out this range as I've heard nothing but great things about it. The Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask is something that is raved about in the blogging world and I'd love to try it out. Anything that could sort the oily but dry and blemish filled mess my skin has become this month would be great thanks. 

I'd also like to try the Aesop Parsley Seed Anti Oxidant Eye Cream as my bags and dark circles are a huge burden of mine. My eyes have also been looking very tired lately and it would be good to give them a little boost with this lovely rejuvenating cream. 

I've also always really wanted to try out a Bobbi Brown blush and this Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks would really fit the bill. The colour is beautiful for both and if I'm going to pay £17 for a product it might as well be a multi tasking one! 

As my blush obsession has still not faded away, I have thrown in a topshop blush for good measure. Acting as an cheaper alternative, this cream blush in Flush looks beautiful and is perfect for this time of the year. 

Next is a lip product I've wanted for years now but I've always felt £23 for a lipgloss is a bit much. However, as the great reviews for this product just keep coming I can't stop my desire to own one. So, if I do get any Christmas money I may just have to finally get myself an Hourglass lipgloss. 

As someone who is always searching for the best dry shampoo AND the best root boosting products I feel I need to try the Bumble and Bumble Pret-A-Powder as it's a little bit of half and half. Again this product pops up everywhere, with raving reviews galore. 

And finally, another cult classic is being added to my wish list in the form of the Kevin Aucoin sculpting powder. I know, I know, I've put Nars Laguna on here too and I hear you saying why do you want two bronzers but, I've heard so many great things about the sculpting powder that I just really want it to add to my collection. I'm already head over heels in love with Laguna but I am willing to create room for two bronzers in my life. There is a lot of Hannah love to give. 

And there you have it, the things I would buy with any Christmas money I get. Now, I highly doubt I'll be able to get all of these products, as I'd be a very lucky girl if I received that much money but a girl can dream and a girl can also save. Hopefully by this time next year I will have tried most of these beautiful products. 

What has made it on to your beauty wish list? If you have a post link it below. 

Thanks for reading guys, 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Disney Cafe at Harrods

If you've already read my Disney Tree post which went up yesterday then you'll know I'm completely obsessed with Disney at Christmas time, maybe to the point where it's boarder line crazy, but I love it and wouldn't change it for the world. With Disney decorations galore and plenty of Disney films already watched this month I didn't think my Christmas could get any more Disney filled....turns out I was totally wrong.

Let me give you another background story. My boyfriend bought be a Disney Advent calendar as a surprise at the end of November (he has been full of them the last few weeks, he really is a blooming keeper) but this advent calendar isn't your usual cardboard box full of 24 chocolates, no, this was a huge box with 24 draws in which you fill yourself. Deciding it was a little too expensive to fill it with small gifts we decided on filling the days with surprises, treats and days out for each other. One took the odd numbers, the other took the evens and off we went planning a month of fun.

Morning came and with a huge grin on Russell's face, he said "go open the calendar!" Inside I found a little note which said we were going to spend the morning having brunch at the Disney Cafe in Harrods. That's right, you heard me, the DISNEY CAFE! Now, the boy had done bloody good as I didn't even know the Disney Cafe even excised so he really had done his research. To say I was excited was a little bit of an understatement. So off we popped to Harrods and it was flipping amazing.

Disney Cafe Harrods

As we walked in the magic soon unravelled. The room was painted like a twinkling night sky with Disney statues everywhere. We were lucky enough to sit right by the big clock (as seen in Peter Pan) with a flying Tinkerbell above our heads. Sat in the centre of the cafe, I was in the perfect position to check out the scenery and take it all in. 

Disney Cafe Harrods Review

We then took a look at the menu, which if I'm completely honest is quite over priced and there isn't the best of selections, but everything else about the cafe really makes up for that. The detail Harrods has gone to to make the Disney theme stick is just incredible. With Disney plates, Disney movies being played and a toastie that was in the shape of Micky Mouse for Pete's sake, the whole thing was amazing. 

Disney Cafe Harrods Review

Disney Cafe Harrods Review

As I said the food was a little over price but it really did taster good. I think that was one of the best cheese and ham toasties I've ever eaten, and not just because it had Micky ears! It seemed like all the ingredients were great quality. 

Thankfully we got there earlier enough for it not to be too busy but, as you can imagine, when the clock struck lunch time there was a huge queue of families and children. We were little worried we would be the only couple there without a kid to use as an excuse to go, but thankfully there were other couples and friends there to make up the 'are we a little to old for this?' numbers. Thankfully we weren't, and I really would recommend the Disney cafe to both families and adult Disney lovers. I'll certainly be telling all my London ladies about it. As you can see below, I was a very happy bunny. 

Disney Cafe Harrods Review

Disney Cafe Harrods Review

To really top of the Disney day we took a trip to the Disney section in Harrods to look at the toys, statues and other things they had to offer. They had what looked like a santa's grotto in there but we decided that doing that would be a step to far for two grown adults. There was also a lovely little section for any wanna be princess in the making. The Disney Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique was a place where little girls could be turned into their  favourite Disney princess. With face paints and dresses and everything a girl could dream of in there. Again, I don't think it would have been socially acceptable to go in and ask to be made into Cinderella so I took a few snaps of the enterance and gave that one a miss. Just before we left I had time to take a snap of Ana and Olfa to help fuel my Frozen obsession. 

Disney Cafe Harrods Review

Disney Cafe Harrods Review

Disney Cafe Harrods Review

All in all yesterday morning was amazing. To top it off I spend the late afternoon in a winter market and the day couldn't have been more Christmassy. I would recommend the Disney cafe to any Disney lovers out there. And if you have kids all the better. Don't let the prices put you off, if you don't mind spending £30 on a very basic but tasty lunch this is a must for someone who is Disney obsessed and floating around Knightsbridge. 

Once again, thanks for reading and I hope you're Chistmas is as Disney filled as mine is :) 



Saturday, 6 December 2014

Disney Christmas Tree

This post is where I admit, as a 25 year old, I still haven't grown up in the slightest. Now I know a lot of us bloggers out there (and many girls my age for that matter) are huge Disney fans and trust me I am most certainly not ashamed to admit my slight obsession. I love the films, have most of them on VHS (yes showing my age) AND again on DVD and I definitely still have all those Disney toys and teddies I collected as a child, but my Disney love has extended and spilled out to Christmas time.

Ok, let me give you a bit of a back story. As a kid I was lucky enough to go to both Disney World and Land a fair few times and each time my mum would buy a Disney Christmas decoration no matter what time of the year it was. They have a whole shop dedicated to Christmas don't you know, it's so bloody magical it's ridiculous. So growing up with Disney decorations scattered on the tree, the cutest Micky and Minnie sitting on top of the TV and two beautiful Disney stockings hanging on the fire place, when it came to me moving out I just didn't want to part with these decorations I've come to love and associate Christmas with. 

So, fast forward a couple of years and I finally rent a place of my own. All of my belongings are packed and ready to be put in the van but I have one thing to do before I leave, ask my mum if I could take the Disney decorations with me!!! Now before you think of me as being selfish asking to take my mums decorations from her, she has her own pretty adult tree in the conservatory so I wouldn't have been leaving her decoration-less.

I knew it was a long shot so I wasn't surprise in the slightest when I was firmly told to get lost, but I felt like I had to do one last cheeky daughter act before I officially fled the nest. You know, that one last thing for them to remember me by haha. "Get lost, get your own" were my mums exact words, which got me thinking...challenged accepted!!! From then on it was my new mission to make my future Christmas' the most Disney filled I could possibly imagine! 

The first year the Disney store in Sheffield was a tiny bit of a let down. There were only a few decorations for me to choose from and one of them said 'babies first Christmas'. Now I know I'm a big kid at heart and I know I was trying to make my Christmas magical and Disney filled but I just couldn't buy a decoration for a non existent baby! So I left the store with a few decorations for the tree and put my search to the Internet where I found two even more beautiful Micky and Minnie stockings than my mum had. Finally I found the most beautiful Tickerbell to sit on top of the tree.

Fast forward a few more years, a few more decorations added to the collection and I have moved to London and things have got a little crazy. I'm not sure if the Disney stores here are just better stocked or whether Disney have finally realised there are crazy people like me that are determined to make their festive season Disney themed, but their selection this years has been amazing. There are so many different decorations to choose from and I had to actually restrict myself instead of buying Disney out of their (not very big) stock. This year I have added 5 new decorations to the tree and a little teddy Olaf to sit next to it and I couldn't be happier. 

So they are, some of my favourite decorations from the Disney tree, 2014 addition. Hopefully next year it will be filled with more and more cartoons and Disney classics...prepare for photo overload.

What do you think of this OTT tree? What Christmas theme have you gone for this year? How do you like to decorate your tree? If you have any Christmas decoration posts make sure you link them below so I can take a festive peek. 

Thanks for reading,

Friday, 5 December 2014

My Christmas Wish List

My Christmas Wish List

As the month progresses and I've been getting more and more texts from my mum asking what I would like for Christmas, she has inspired me to put all the things I'd asked for in a blog post just to get me extra excited. So here is a quick run down of what I've asked Santa (or my parents) for Christmas.

Last year I had a beauty and skincare wish list and this year I seem to have gone down the fashion route. We kick it off with my absolute favourite, something I have wanted for soooo long now, the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set. At roughly £52 it is a little pricey but for 8 brushes you're actually looking at a very good offer. I've wanted these brushes for as long as I can remember and this year I finally thought to ask for them so fingers tightly crossed they are still available as they tend to sell out pretty fast.

Next on the list is this Misguided Waterfall Coat in tan. I never really used to like coats as I never found one I thought looked good on me or that I actually liked the style of so for years I used to freeze in lots of layers and a small jacket.  However, over the last 2 years the high street has stepped up its coat game and now I seemed to love most of them out there. This tan waterfall coat is just beautiful and I've been craving one like it ever since I saw similar ones popping up on blogs everywhere. For only £70 it's not that badly priced either.

Since the temperature has dropped significantly in the UK over the last few months I've really wanting a long knitted oversized jumper. These grundge knits from Topshop are both thick, warm and stylish. Although I wouldn't necessarily want it in this mustard colour (however I do like it) I think a more neutral colour would go with more of the items already in my wardrobe.

I've also fallen slightly in love with the polo neck trend going on at the moment and this Topshop ribbed one will look great with both smarter and casual outfits. The long sleeves and high neck will be keeping me warm through these colder months.

Over the past few years I have bought my fair share of midi rings from numerous high street stores and they all ended up meeting the same terrible fate....going bronze! So as I just keep buying more and more, I thought maybe asking for some proper gold or silver ones which wouldn't loose their colour or turn my fingers green was a sensible idea. 

And finally, the only beauty product I've asked for this year is the cult classic (and one of my firm favourites) Liz Earls Cleanse and Polish. This has been a love of mine for a long time now but as I've been low on funds since changing jobs and living in that big bad London, spending £14 on a cleanser just isn't something I can do anymore. So, onto the wish list it goes.

So that's it, everything that's on my letter to Santa. What are you hoping to see under your tree this year? Let me know below and send me any links for you Christmas wish list, I'd love some more things to add to mine haha.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Monthly Favourites | November

As I haven't had the money to buy any lovely brand spanking new products this month I've pretty much had to do a shop my stash. Now that's not a bad thing at all, having to dig out old, barely used or sometime not even unopened products is great. So here's what I've been loving and rediscovering this month.

Monthly Beauty Favourites

Ah, well this is awkward because my first favourite actually is a new product for me but I didn't actually buy it so it doesn't really count, does it?!? My amazing and generous boyfriend decided, as I am rather low on the money front at the moment, he wanted to treat me to a little something. Although I tried to refuse on several occasions when he saw my eyes light up with lust whilst walking past the Nars stand, he wasn't taking no for an answer. Now, choosing an item from the Nars stand is never an easy task but as I was running low on foundation, that soon became my weapon of choice. I have tried Sheer Glow before, and love it, but I couldn't help but think the Sheer Matte Foundation would be better suited for my skin type. 

After two weeks of use I'm thinking maybe I do prefer Sheer Glow a teeny bit more, purely because it's easier to work with, but I have fallen in love with the matte version too. Ok, it does dry quickly so you have to work fast and it does stick to dry patches when I get them, but this foundation is amazing for oily to combination skin. The coverages is amazing, the colour range in brilliant, the longevity is great and the finish is fabulous. I've noticed that my skin is barely on the oily side when compared to wearing my Estée Lauder Double Wear. 

Naz Sheer Matte Foundation Review

My next product is actually 3 products...I know I'm cheating a little, but this lip combo has been one I've been turning too for the last few weeks now. I hate use the 'Kylie Jenner' word because the idea of me looking to a 16 year old for style tips make me feel a little put it kindly, but damn that girls make up is flawless. I've been looking for a lip colour like Kylie's signature look for years now so I am glad she has made it so popular as more and more brands are creating copycat shades. However, I've found by using this clever combination of colours I already have, I've managed to save myself a few bucks.

At a fraction of the price of a Mac liner the Model Co liner in Illusion Nude lines you're lips perfectly and makes them almost look skin coloured allowing you to really pack a punch with the next light plum layer. The Mayballine lipstick in Velvet Beige has been a love of mine for a few years now but it was only ever a work lippie. Now I've layered it over the Model Co liner I've really seen its full potential. I'm not quite sure how to describe this colour, as I said it's almost light plum, it's almost dark nude, it's almost purpley grey but I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is. Either way it's a great colour and perfect if you really want to get a Kylie look. If I want to make this look a little more colourful I occasionally add Avon's Chic Nude to make it less intense. 

I also have a new moisturising favourite this month and this one was luckily a sample I received at the Bloggers Tea Party a few weeks ago. The Face Theory (previously For You) skincare company is a brand new company and their products haven't officially launched yet but a little sample of their moisturiser for oily skin made it's way to my lap and I couldn't be happier. This moisturiser is hard to work into the skin but not in the way that it takes lots of rubbing to get it in, more in the way that it absorbs so quickly you don't really have time to rub it into your whole face. Face Theory is however still incredible, it's so moisturising without leaving my skin looking oily and tacky. It also really helps battle the shine throughout the day so as you can imagine, I am one happy bunny. After taking a little look at their website, the packaging looks stunning too so I really can't wait for these products to launch. I've even bought myself some more samples from their website!!!

I decided to get this final little beauty after watching one of Wayne Goss' videos. Actually a lot of my purchases are due to Wayne's videos! In the video he said the Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara outright kicked many high end mascaras butts when it came to length and making your lashes look luscious....and he wasn't wrong. For £6.99 (currently £3.49 at Boots) this little gem really does make your lashes look super with just one coat. Then, as you start layering, a mini miracle unfolds right in front of your eyes, literally! This mascara makes your lashes look extended and thicker without looking fake or caked in mascara. The overall look is a natural 'wow' lash that really impresses. My only downfall about this mascara is that it can be a stubborn little madam and needs a lot of work to wash off. 

And that's it, my November favourites. Everything I have been loving from shopping my stash and with a little help from the other half. Have any of you tried these products? What has made it to your November favourites? 

As always thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Boots Christmas Box Sets | High End Addition

As Christmas soon approaches who doesn't love a good gift guide post? Especially as Boots are just killing it with the gift sets this year. With high end and high street box sets for both him, her and home, I couldn't resist letting you know what I think are the best goodies to give to the ones you love this year. I'll also be letting you know the best sets to get for a brilliant bragin and if any are taking the Michael a little bit. 

This post is going to be dedicated to the high end brands that have some amazing offers in the boots stores and online this year. 

As always, Benefit bring out amazing sets for Christmas and here are 2 which I think you'd be a fool to miss out on...and trust me it was hard to cut it down to just 2. First we have the Benefit Sexy Scrumptious at £29. You get a mini Coralista blush, a mini They're Real Mascara, mini High Beam, mini Poisetint, mini Ultra Plush Lip Tint a mini eyeshadow pallette with 5 shadows and a shadow and bronzer brush...and breath! If I've done my calculations right here you've looking at a HUGE saving of roughly £60. Now that's a Benefit bargain.
The next great gift set Benefit are gracing us with this year is the Sugarglam Fairies set. Setting you back a few more bucks at £44.50, you get a full sized They're Real, a full sized Porefessional primer, a full box of Hoola bronzer with a brush and a mini Benetint. Again, this amazing selection with give you a mighty saving of £27.63.
YSL has been a love of mine for a long time now, ever since I started stealing it from my mum's make up bag as a teenager, and they certainly haven't missed out on giving you a Christmas bargain. Their mascara and eye make up remover sets are a brilliant gift idea or a great investment for YSL lovers. At £25 for both you are getting a real bargain as the mascara alone is worth £24.50. You can also get Babydoll, so choose you're favourite formula and get bargaining.

Boots also have some great nail sets floating around, full of beautiful colours and textures that any varnish lover will need in their collection. Ciate have an extremely cute Big Beauty Bus set which has 6 minis in varies shades, that all help represent the colours of London and the UK. At £12 for the set, you really are getting a great deal as individually they're £5 each. In case you haven't already done the maths, your saving an incredible £18. You can't argue with those figures.  
Not one to miss out, Nails Inc are rocking the collection boxes this year. With different colours and textures to choose from, the Winter Wonderland gift set is making it it's mission to add some Christmas sprinkle to any nail. Costing £29 for the three varnishes you're making a decent £13 saving with this gift box...well, I'm sold!
Not forgetting skin care, the cult classic Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish gets a Christmas set makeover with a mini bottle and muslin cloth coming in a cute box for just £9. Now, I'm not sure as to how much of a bargain you're really getting here as a 100ml bottle is only £14, but if you have a £10 limited on your secret Santa, this is a perfect gift. This tiny bottle will get your secret santa's skin looking smooth and flawless in no time and they will be thanking you all year for introducing it into their lives. 
Lord and Berry have two amazing lip sets for you this year. The Liberty Lip set has two lip crayons (and there's a choice of two different colour combinations) and The Black Wardrobe Mascara set which has a lip crayon, mascara and eyeliner. These lip crayons are loved in the blogging world and I've been dying to try one for months now so I may be buying myself a Christmas present this year. The Liberty Lip set is not really a bargain as it's costs £20 and individual crayons only cost £10 normally...but you do get a free make up bag. The Black Wardrobe Mascara set does provide a bit of financial releaf, costing £35 and giving you a rough saving of £7.23 and again...a free make up bag!!!

And finally Origins, like always, have some amazing gift sets that are such good value for money. The Origins Mask Marvels Gift Set is a classic that they release ever year and although it is a little expensive at £50, you do get a tube of the Out of Troubles 10 minute mask, the Clear Improvements clay mask and the Drink Up-Intensive overnight mask. If you were to buy these three products separately it would cost you £53.57 so you've saving yourself a small amount. Plus you get a pretty box right?!?

Finally we have the Origins Best of Both Worlds gift set which looks *huge sigh* just about incredible. If I didn't already have the GinZing moisturiser and eye cream I would certainly be getting myself this set. Inside you'll find a tube of the Drink Up Intensive Mask that was mentioned above (which is amazing for people with dry skin to add that much needed moisture but is also great for us oily skin gals as it makes your skin feel completely nourished without leaving your skin oily). The final thing is a tub of High-Potency  Night-A-Mins which is said to be a great enriched renewal cream...and don't forget about the lovely Christmasy make up bag! All this for only £40, with a saving of a whopping (if I've done my maths correctly) £40.80!! That mean's you are getting 50% off, now that's what I call a Christmas Miracle.

Wow...that was a lot of info in a little amount of time but look at all that money you can save this Christmas! I think my top picks would be the Origins Best of Both Worlds gift set or the Benefit Scrumptious! Which set would you choose? If you have any great Christmas Gift Set recommendations then make sure you link them below so we can all join in on the bargain madness!

Thanks for reading guys,

*all images came from the Boots website

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like...The Christmas Tag

Who doesn't love a good tag and who doesn't love Christmas? Put them together and you've probably got the best blog post idea ever! As, like many of you out there, I am a HUUUGE lover of Christmas and have been getting extremely excited extremely early this year. I also loved doing a Christmas Tag last year so when I noticed a new tag floating around, I wanted to get involved with the festive fun.

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?

This one is an easy one. My out right favourite film is It's A Wonderful Life. Made in 1947, this black and white classic is about a struggling Building and Loan owner who is close to ending it all, but soon finds out what life would be like for his loved ones if he never existed. Basically it is the best, most heart warming Christmas film you could ever watch. The best thing about this film however, is that me and my dad watch it together almost every year and I cry every time!

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Definitely Christmas morning, I didn't even know that people opened them on Christmas Eve? Surely that's cheating. Even as a 25 year old I still love heading downstairs to sit with the family and open all the gifts. But, I always have the task of waking up my hungover brother before we can do that and that's not an easy task let me tell you! 

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I'd have to say when me and my family went to New York for Christmas. It was strange having a Christmas away from home but spending Christmas day having a meal in a very Christmas themed cabin in Central Park, followed by ice-skating in the park and then watching Billy Elliot on Broadway at night, all with New York covered in a blanket of snow was definitely the most magical Christmas we've had.

4. Favourite Christmas gift?

I wouldn't even know, although Christmas gifts are an added bonus to the day, it's all about the atmosphere and being with the family. 

5. Favourite festive food?

I'm not big with Christmas food as I hate all the spiced and fruity flavours so I'd have to say my favourite Christmas food is the chocolate Lindt Santa I get poking out of my stocking each year.

6. Favourite Christmas scent?

Definitely the smell of a real Christmas tree in the corner of the room. If you have a fake tree you miss out in your whole house smelling like christmasy pine. But Next also do a very lovely winter spice scent that smells like Christmas in a candle!

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Apart from heading to the pub with all my school friends Christmas Eve is normally when me and my dad sit down to watch It's A Wonderful Life.

8. What tops your tree?

Well, as I haven't grown up yet, my Christmas tree is full of Disney decorations so I have the most beautiful looking Tinker Bell topping my tree each year.

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

I don't think I ever asked for anything crazy and wild when I was a kid but I always remember that I really wanted a Disney princess dress (which was actually out of character for my tom boy younger self) but my mum would never let me have mean haha!

10. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

I think it's the whole build up to the day that I really love. The fact it gets colder and darker and you have to wrap yourself up nice and cosy is my favourite. I also love the shopping for gifts, going to Christmas Markets, decorating the house and the general happiness that comes with it. I finally love the fact it is just a great excuse to catch up with friends and spend quality time with the family.

If you end up doing the Christmas tag make sure to let me know so I can see your answers. I love reading what other people love about Christmas and how they spend their festive season.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xxx


Monday, 1 December 2014

I'm Doing Blogmas!!!

Hello and Merry December to all of you.

I haven't been the best of bloggers over the last few months and no matter how many times I say on Twitter that "I will post more" or "I will get better" and even "I promise more posts are coming soon" I haven't been keeping up to a regular posting schedule. In fact one post a month has been my rough average over the past 3 months. But here is actually where it all stops!

I have decided, rather ambitiously I might just add, that I am going to do Blogmas this year! Yes it is a rather large task to go from one post a month to one post a day but I am determined to do it.

So, throughout the month of December I will be uploading a post every single day until Christmas! I haven't decided whether I'll post on Christmas Day or not. Although there is the schedule button I know I certainly won't be on the Internet on that beautiful day so I assume not many others will either. Only time will tell I guess. 

Blogmas will be a mix of Christmassy themed posts, reviews and event post. I do already have a few ideas under the belt and a few finished already but if any of you have any posts you would like to see (The more Christmassy the theme the better) I would love to know your thoughts.

So, stay tuned for a post a day for the next month and if you're doing Blogmas too make sure you leave your link below so I can check your progress. 

Thanks for reading and happy holidays lovely people 
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