Saturday, 6 December 2014

Disney Christmas Tree

This post is where I admit, as a 25 year old, I still haven't grown up in the slightest. Now I know a lot of us bloggers out there (and many girls my age for that matter) are huge Disney fans and trust me I am most certainly not ashamed to admit my slight obsession. I love the films, have most of them on VHS (yes showing my age) AND again on DVD and I definitely still have all those Disney toys and teddies I collected as a child, but my Disney love has extended and spilled out to Christmas time.

Ok, let me give you a bit of a back story. As a kid I was lucky enough to go to both Disney World and Land a fair few times and each time my mum would buy a Disney Christmas decoration no matter what time of the year it was. They have a whole shop dedicated to Christmas don't you know, it's so bloody magical it's ridiculous. So growing up with Disney decorations scattered on the tree, the cutest Micky and Minnie sitting on top of the TV and two beautiful Disney stockings hanging on the fire place, when it came to me moving out I just didn't want to part with these decorations I've come to love and associate Christmas with. 

So, fast forward a couple of years and I finally rent a place of my own. All of my belongings are packed and ready to be put in the van but I have one thing to do before I leave, ask my mum if I could take the Disney decorations with me!!! Now before you think of me as being selfish asking to take my mums decorations from her, she has her own pretty adult tree in the conservatory so I wouldn't have been leaving her decoration-less.

I knew it was a long shot so I wasn't surprise in the slightest when I was firmly told to get lost, but I felt like I had to do one last cheeky daughter act before I officially fled the nest. You know, that one last thing for them to remember me by haha. "Get lost, get your own" were my mums exact words, which got me thinking...challenged accepted!!! From then on it was my new mission to make my future Christmas' the most Disney filled I could possibly imagine! 

The first year the Disney store in Sheffield was a tiny bit of a let down. There were only a few decorations for me to choose from and one of them said 'babies first Christmas'. Now I know I'm a big kid at heart and I know I was trying to make my Christmas magical and Disney filled but I just couldn't buy a decoration for a non existent baby! So I left the store with a few decorations for the tree and put my search to the Internet where I found two even more beautiful Micky and Minnie stockings than my mum had. Finally I found the most beautiful Tickerbell to sit on top of the tree.

Fast forward a few more years, a few more decorations added to the collection and I have moved to London and things have got a little crazy. I'm not sure if the Disney stores here are just better stocked or whether Disney have finally realised there are crazy people like me that are determined to make their festive season Disney themed, but their selection this years has been amazing. There are so many different decorations to choose from and I had to actually restrict myself instead of buying Disney out of their (not very big) stock. This year I have added 5 new decorations to the tree and a little teddy Olaf to sit next to it and I couldn't be happier. 

So they are, some of my favourite decorations from the Disney tree, 2014 addition. Hopefully next year it will be filled with more and more cartoons and Disney classics...prepare for photo overload.

What do you think of this OTT tree? What Christmas theme have you gone for this year? How do you like to decorate your tree? If you have any Christmas decoration posts make sure you link them below so I can take a festive peek. 

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  1. These are so cute. The Bambi one is adorable!

  2. These are way too cute!!


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