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Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Review

Right, well this is's been a very long time since I wrote my last post (and by long time I mean 9 months, 3 weeks and 1 day to be exact) but I think it's about time I got back into the blogging game don't you?

So you may ask, 'why the long break Hannah?' You may ask, 'sorry, have you been away? I didn't notice' or you may ask 'why the hell does she think we care that she's not blogged for so long' but I think I'll only answer the first one if that's ok with you. And the answer, well frankly I just haven't had the motivation, the passion or the energy to keep writing and 'social media-ing' and quite frankly I didn't have the confidence to write about anything for a while, but now that's all about to change. The one thing this break has made me realise, apart from the fact I could have had a baby in that time, is that blogging for the sake of blogging does no good for anyone. It was no good for me as it felt a little forced, and it was no good for you guys reading it as I think you can always tell when someone’s heart isn't into their blog anymore. Anyway, lets have less of the waffling on about why I've been on a, in the words of one direction, hiatus and more of the blogging I used to know and love.

So what is it that has actually sparked my passion to blog again? Well it is something that has been sweeping the blogging world over the last 6 months or so (I have still been reading blogs even if I haven't managed to write any) and that's the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stains! Now I have to admit I'm a bit of a sucker for falling in the trap of buying products that are whoring it up in the blogging world which has led to a lot of wasted money and a lot of let down in the past, but every once in a while these hyped products turn out to be the best few pounds you will ever spend.

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Review Watermelon Slice Marvelous Mauve

On a resent trip to New York I had one mission and one mission only and that was to hit the American beauty mother ship that is Sephora, and oh boy did I hit it hard. I won't go in to the ridiculous amount of things I picked up on the several trips I made over the week but will go straight into the review of these Holy Grail lip stains. 

I'll start the review with the only negative I have about these stains and that is that the colour range isn't the most amazing. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of shades (14 to be factually correct) but a few of them are very similar and therefore if you're not a fan of a certain shade, most pink's, nudes or red's, then there may not be a lot of choice for you. Saying this there were a few shades that I really just NEEDED to pick up. 

Sephora Lip Stain Review Watermelon Slice Marvelous Mauve

The two shades (and yes I really am kicking myself for only picking up two shades whilst I had the chance to buy all of the them) were Watermelon Slice, the orange/red shade (it looks a little more red on camera), and Marvelous Mauve, the purple shade, and they have, rather over dramatically, made a huge difference to my life! You may think I'm being over the top there but how about never having to reapply you lipstick throughout the day again, no matter how much you eat or drink! 

Yep, these lip stains really do what they say on the tin and that's stain your lip, but in a good way of course. Once on there is no budging and they last hours and hours before they even start to fade let alone need a top up, and as I'm one hell of a lazy sod when it comes to topping up make up throughout the day; these lips stains have been a god send for me. 

The consistency of these lip stains are also pretty darn incredible. They aren't sticky in the slightest and, although a little thick when first applied and taste rather strange, they dry super quick and don't feel heavy or uncomfortable on the lip. I almost forget that I am wearing it once it's dried down. You have to be carful when applying as they do dry quickly and aren't the easiest to budge once on, so if you have the odd accident of going over your lip line it can be a bit of a nightmare to fix, but that's only a slight inconvenience that happens every once in a while. 

Sephora Lip Stain Watermelon Slice and Marvelous Mauve swatches

I will leave you with the final great thing about these stains, the price. For only $14, which equals £8.33 with the current exchange rate, you get a high end product for a high street price tag. I really can't believe they don't come from one of the top beauty companies, Sephora has done incredible. If you think Rimmel make lip-glosses and lipsticks for a similar price but you have to re-apply at least once an hour! 

The Cream Lip Stains really are worth whatever postage and packaging fee you have to pay to get them shipped to the UK. Sephora have nailed it with this one and I'm totally obsessed. I think it really will be a very long time until I start using any of the other lip products in my collection again...well apart from Kat Von Dee's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick...but that's for another post!!!

Thanks for reading and, once again, sorry for going MIA from the blog. 

Hannah xxx

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  1. I hate that there isnt a Sephora in the UK! I want these lip stains!!


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