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The Cosmetic Company Store High End Beauty Bargains

It really is amazing what a designer outlet centre can do to you when you're trying to save money! It was all going so well until heading to Bicester Village was suggested as one of our weekend activities. "Sure, it's all high end and designer brands," I thought to myself "I won't be able to afford anything anyway so I can just look at some pretty clothes...I'll be fine." Turns out I wasn't! 

Walking past Reiss, Armarni, Mulberry and Gucci, I was doing very well. Yes these amazing brands were heavily discounted but they were still well in the three figure price tags; not something my purse could justify. But then something bad happened, then I hit The Cosmetics Company Store!

I've not heard of this shop before, and maybe it is just specialised to Bicester Village but wow was it amazing. There were numerous high end make up brands with very heavy discounts and a great range of things to choose from. With brands such as Jo Malone, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Bumble and Bumble and Estée Lauder (just to name a few) I knew I'd be spending some of that money I'd transferred to my savings account in an instant. 

I have to quickly mention that although the brand range was incredible (I missed Clinique, Smashbox and Origins from my first list) the over all selection of products and colour range wasn't too overwhelming; however if you dug deep enough you could find some real gems. So what did I treat myself to? 

The Cosmetic Company Store High End Beauty Bargains

First and foremost I couldn't walk past the Mac stand without picking up a lipstick. There weren't many shade that stood out to me because the majority of them were satin finishes (I'm more of a matte girl to be honest) however when I saw the much talked about Morange I just couldn't leave without it. The Morange Mac Lipstick I picked up came from one the limited ranges so came in beautiful limited packaging (however it is a permanent shade) and although it is a bit of a bolder shade then what I usually go for, I had to pick one up as I'd heard great things about it. With the £5 off price tag it was a no brainer to take it home with me as an adventurous addition to my lipstick collection. 

Then came the Bobbi Brown stand. If you read my last post all about how amazing the Bobbi Brown blush in Pretty Coral is, you'll know exactly why I couldn't leave without another shade. I went for Pastel Pink which is, well, exactly what it says on the tin; a lovely pastel pink. Just like with Pretty Coral, the colour pay off is amazing and the longevity is incredible and with £5.50 off, it brought the cost down from high end (which it is totally worth by the way) to a very reasonable one. The Bobbi Brown Pastel Pink blush is definitely a very beautiful shade, that's for sure.

I also couldn't leave the Bobbi stand without putting one of her much loved face masks into my basket. I went for the Bobbi Brown Instant Detox mask as my skin is a bit all over the place at the moment. I've moved to a new office and new surroundings, heating systems and commutes always throw my skin into a tantrum; a detox is definitely in order - plus the packaging is oh so very Instagramable. This was also the biggest bargain out of my beauty purchases (yes I bought some homeware too...disappointed face emoji) with a lovely £8.25 saving!

Finally I couldn't go past the Origins stand without picking up the cult favourite Super Spot Remover now could I? I've heard great things about this but wasn't prepared to folk out nearly £15 for it, however with almost a £5 discount; how could I refuse? I've already had to use the Origins Super Spot Remover once since getting it and so far it's worked miracles; definitely worth the hype. 

I'm sure I will be doing reviews on all of these products soon but I just had to get a post up to tell you all about the amazing collections they have at The Cosmetic Company Store. Anyone living near or visiting Oxfordshire should definitely pop in and get themselves some bargains. I made an amazing saving of £23.50 on these four products!

Have any of you tried any of these products? What do you think of them? Or have any of you visited The Cosmetic Company Store before? If not, do you know where else we can get amazing beauty discounts?

Thanks for reading
Hannah xxx

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