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3 Top Tips for Picking Foundation Shades Online

On a recent online shopping spree I decided that not only must I order as many of the Kat Von D Beauty products as I possibly could as soon as they hit the online shelves, I decided that this had to include the foundation too. And what's your point I hear you ask? Well I've never tried, tested or even looked at the shades of the Kat Von D Lock-It In Foundation before; which threw a major spanner in the works when it came to deciding which shade to choose! There's 17 for Pete's the hell was I meant to get this right?

Well, after pulling all my blogging, make up and research skills together I actually managed to nail it! I got the shade pretty much spot on from solely using these three little tips below. So here they are, my tips for the best way to help choose your perfect foundation shade online.

3 Tips for Picking Foundation Shades Online

1. Look at all the foundations you already have. No I don't mean just stare at them and hope that, by some miracle, the right shade will pop into your head...that's certainly not going to happen. I also don't mean look at the shades or swatch them on your skin; although this will come in useful at a later stage. I mean look at the description of these foundations and use them to help. Usually the bottles or tubes don't have a full description on the product, and the names of the shades are normally so obscure that they have no relevance to the actual shade at all. So what I mean is; go online, look up the description of the shades you already have and match them to the closest description of the new foundation you're wanting to order.

For example, if your normal foundation has pink undertones, go for a shade that is described to have the same. If your usual foundation is described as having warm, cool or neutral tones, go for one that matches this. If there's a shade that has both of these; you're onto a winner. 

2. Look up reviews and swatches of the foundation online. There are many posts about your new foundation out there and some will even have great swatches of, not just one shade, but all of them in the range. If after reading the descriptions you still have a number of potential options to choose from then seeing the swatches next to each other will help you see how different they are in comparison to each other. 

Another great thing about online reviews is that they will hopefully let you know if the foundation oxidises once on the skin. If this is the case, you can figure out if you need to pick a lighter shade than you had originally expected. If it doesn't, then you're probably good to go with the shade that matches your previous foundation description.

3. Finally this is where you can get swatching! Put a bit of foundation on the back of your hand and take a picture. Then screen shot a picture from any posts that have swatched any of the potential shades that you think may match you skin tone. Next, open them up in a collage app (I use Photo Collage) which allows you to add photos together, side by side. Once you've done this you can check if these shades look similar when they are next to each other. It can be difficult to judge by eye if two different swatches look similar, but once they are side by side it makes it much easier. 

After these three steps you should be in a position to choose the best foundation for you. These top tips certainly helped me pick a shade that matched my skin tone almost perfectly, so no more shying away from ordering base products online. Most of all, no more dreading that you've just spent a lot of money to look orange.

What are your tips for choosing products online? Do you take the risk or is it just a big no no for you? 

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