Monday, 3 October 2016

A Letter To New York

Dear New York,

I know we've only met two times (I'm ignoring that 3 hour stop over 13 years ago when we used you as a emergency stop off point to escape a hurricane in Florida; I don't think you really noticed me then) but I really can't stop thinking about you.

I think it may be because it's almost been a year since we last met that I'm really starting to crave your attention again. I keep remembering the amazing times we had together and I'm lusting after your presence and all the things you have to offer. It was the trip last year where I really appreciated your beauty and uniqueness. It's not that I didn't notice these the first time I visited, but I was younger and naive then and wasn't so wise to your ways.

Brooklyn Bridge

Maybe it was because the first time we were in each other's company I only brushed your surface. I prejudged you on what others had said about you and therefore only saw your obvious characteristics. I didn't really get to know the real you; the you the locals get to see everyday. The you that isn't all bright lights, green goddesses and tall buildings.

Last year I sat down and dug a little deeper into your personality. I saw your quirky streets, your hidden bars and your clubs echoing with soul which put Shoredich to shame. I saw your character filled backstreets, I saw the local personalities that call New York their home; not their stage and I saw you with your morning face on; not in your dolled up, dressed to impress costume. I have to say, I prefer you in your natural state. 

Maybe it was because the first time we met it was Christmas and I was so drunk on festive spirit that I missed what you really had to offer. Perhaps you knew we only had a short few days together so you did what most people do at Christmas parties and put on a fa├žade, only showing me what you think I wanted to see. Only showing the side of yourself that people give the most attention to; thinking that was your best. Don't get me wrong, I loved that side to you. In fact it was one of the best Christmases I've ever had and I have you to thank for that but my second visit made me realise you had so much more to show me and so much more to offer. 

I think I'm craving you more now it's Autumn and I'm remembering how your leaves were starting to turn every imaginable shade of orange and yellow. I'm remembering our last day walking in Central Park together; all the way from one end to the other. Happy to be together but sad because we knew our time was ending. As the leaves are just starting to turn here I'm realising there is no place that will look quite as pretty as you did on that day. 

Central Park in Autumn

Most of all it was because you showed me things I've always wanted to see. You've showed me architecture that was so stunning it took my breath away, you showed me little pockets of character that you just wouldn't see anywhere else in the world, you showed me a skyline that went from metal and busy to stunning brick work and peaceful. But most of all you showed me my idol and the best gig I have ever been to in my life. For Christ sakes you showed me Stevie Wonder and for that I will be eternally grateful. 

So, New York, I just wanted you to know I miss you. You're always in my thoughts somewhere and, as we move closer to November, now more than ever. Let's not leave it too long before we see each other again. 

All my love,
Hannah xxx 

I have to give credit to Ryan at Lost Boy Memoirs who's post 'A Love Letter to New Zealand' in Blogosphere magazine gave me the inspiration for this post. You should go check it out, he does a much better job then I did. Thanks Ryan 


  1. The city I long to visit most. Beautiful photos, Hannah.



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