Thursday, 6 October 2016

Coconut Lane Marble Loves

As Coconut Lane had its first birthday this week I thought this would be a great opportunity to express my love for them and the girls (and guys?) in the team. I also though it would be great to show the goodies I've picked up from them so far and give these (noticeably all marble) things a little bit of love in blog form. 

If you haven't heard of Coconut Lane (where have you been) they are a lovely, kick ass company who stock and sell amazing accessories from stunning jewellery to Pinterest worthy cushions. They sell things that can being described as dainty and pretty alongside things that are full of character and totally sassy; and here's what I picked up. 

As you can see, my favourite categories from Coconut Lane's offerings were the phone cases, notebooks and jewellery. You can also see that I was going through a very marbled themed phase at the time of my order!

Marble Products from Coconut Lane

Seriously though, the mobile phone cases Coconut Lane sell are all amazing and I'd buy them all if that wasn't totally ridiculous and completely excessive of me. The styles include comical cartoons, bad ass slogans and darn right beautiful patterns. I wanted the palm leaf case as it's gorgeous but sadly they were sold out of the iPhone 6 model when I ordered. My next choice was this beautiful marble effect one; I mean, I am a blogger after all so what else would you expect! 

You also have to check out their notebooks if you place yourself on any end of the stationary fan scale. I love that the notepads aren't too thick either as I never fill them up and I always feel guilty for wasting paper if I don't reach the end. 

Then we move onto the jewellery. Well, where do I start? I had to be really strict here as I'd told myself I was only allowed one piece when I placed my order, but my god was that a difficult rule to stick too. There are so many beautiful pieces to choose from, from the Turquoise Anklet to the Feather Earrings. However, I settled on this Marble Cube Bangle. I was after something classic and pretty that still showed the androgynous style I always go for when it comes to jewellery. This bracelet certainly ticked all those boxes. 

As I'm trying to be sensible will my money at the moment I stopped myself after adding 3 items in my basket. But, if I gave into my inner shopaholic I would totally order myself one of the amazing marble Mac Skins and the brand new Pom Pom Keyrings. I'll also be ordering some (probably all) the prints when I get my house so I can add them to my picture wall I'm planning to create. 

I'm also very honoured to be a Coconut Queen which means I get to offer you lovely lot at healthy 20% off your order if you enter the code northern20 at the checkout. If that's not tempting you to fill that virtual basket with goodies; I don't know what will. 

I'll end the post with a huge Happy Birthday to Coconut Lane and a huge thank you to the team for being such a great bunch and creating a lovely community to be a part off. 

Thanks for reading 
Hannah xxx


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