Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Four Reasons Why You Need Essie in your Life

I have to note a little disclaimer here; I'm not the biggest nail polish person (great way to start a nail polish post Hannah!). But wait, hear me out, I don't mean I don't like nail varnish, hell I love having my nails all pretty and I have a good 60 polishes in my collection. I just find it really difficult to actually sit down and spend the time putting layer after layer on to make my nails look perfect. I get bored and it always ends in one or two very smudged nails because I've given up on waiting for them to dry. However, I have come to the conclusion that there is one way to make this process a little easier; and that's Essie. 

I used to have the mentality that the cheaper the nail varnish the better. Let's face it, I wasn't wearing nail varnish enough to justify spending more than £2-£5 on a polish. But then I did something very out of character; I went to get my nails professionally done. Of course they weren't going to use some cheap ass polish on me so out the Essie bottles came. I won't go in to detail about the manicure (although if you live in Sheffield you need to go to The Salon on Eccelsall road; it's brilliant and very Instagramable) but here are the main reasons why I swore, from that day on, only to buy Essie polishes.

Neutral Essie Nail Polishes Review

1. The shade range is amazing. I'm not just talking about Essie having a large variety of colours, although that is something they kick ass at. I'm talking each shade being beautiful and extremely wearable. Yes Essie have a great variety of bold, out-there colours that we all know and love; but only actually wear when we're feeling adventurous. But Essie are totally amazing at creating neutral shades that are all 'must haves' for your collection. Each cream, grey, brown and pink is just as beautiful as the next but still different enough to justify spending a small fortune on shades that have the same undertones. 

2. The pigment is amazing. Yes if you're going for a lighter shade then you'll have to add a number of layers to pack a punch (nothing new there) but when you compare Essie to cheaper brands, you're looking at three coats max rather than the four or five for the likes of Barry M. If you've got a darker shade you can 100% get away with one layer to give great pigmentation and one coat means quicker application and a speedier drying process...can I get an amen?! 

3. My god do Essie polishes last a long time. For anyone that hates doing their nails there is nothing more annoying then giving up 45 mins of your time (from first stroke to totally dry) just for the varnish to chip the next day; meaning redoing them a few days later.  Not a problem with Essie. Even without a top coat your looking at a full week no chips. If you do put that extra layer on then after 8 or 9 days your still laughing. Less chips means less reapplying and for someone as nail lazy as me, this means going much longer between fist pump. 

4. Finally the brush!! The Essie brush makes it soooo much easier to apply these polishes. Their sturdy bristles ensures better direct application, no stroke marks and way less spillage onto my fingers, which all in turn help with a speedier application process. 

So that's it, that's why there is no turning back now I've discovered the wonderful ways of Essie! You really can't go wrong with these polishes. Essie, I salute you and I bloody well love you. Thanks for being great.

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Hannah xxx


  1. Essie make some of the best nail polishes, hands down. I have been building my collection for a while and I just love them! I'm currently wear Don't Sweater It which is the perfect shade for Autumn!

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective

  2. I don't get to paint my nails very often anymore but when I did Essie were always my favourites!


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