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Top Non-Touristy Things To Do In The Meatpacking District - New York

You may have read my Letter To New York post last week which gave a little indication as to why I love the city so much, especially since I went off the beaten track and kept away from the obvious tourist spots. Over a number of posts I'll be giving my opinion of the top things to do that aren't so well known in the big apple. Things that you don't hear about as much, but all things that are so amazing and (if I dare say it) better than the top attractions in the city.

The first instalment of my top non-touristy things to do in New York is exploring the Meatpacking District. The most common thing to do here (which probably is starting to verge into tourist spot status but I still highly recommend doing) is walking along the High Line. Although very popular now, it really is a must when you're in the area. The walk itself is across an old elevated abandoned train track which has a beautiful changing view of Lower Westside New York with lots to see along the way. 

Making your way along the 1.5 mile track you get to see so many different things, from beautiful greenery, interesting art, busy streets and an amazing skyline across the Hudson River. You also have constant little reminders that where you're walking was once a live train track, as little bits of old rail lines pop up along the way. I highly recommend having a bite to eat beforehand at Bubby's which is just by the start of the High Line. Bubby's does amazing breakfasts and has the most beautiful bakery at the back where you can pick up great coffee and refreshing juices to set you up for the long walk.

Once you've filled yourself up and started making your way along the High Line I highly recommend stopping off at Chelsea Market to grab some lunch from any of the independent cafes there. I had an amazing Oreo cookie ice cream sandwich which was totally worth the hundreds of miles flight from the UK alone. Whilst you're there make sure you take a look at all the lovely little unique shops, and if you've got time, you must pop into the flee market to browse all the vintage pieces; from clothing through to decorations and furniture. Chelsea Market starts about half way along the High Line at breaks up the walk and the most perfect time.

I highly recommend walking the whole way down the High Line, even though the scenery starts to get a bit cold towards the end, just bare with it. As you get right to the end you reach a holding ground for hundreds of subway trains which are all lined up perfectly and, if the sun is shinning, glimmer beautifully in the light. Then you turn to see the most beautiful skyline.

Once you've made it to the end of the High Line you could just jump on the subway and head off somewhere else but I highly recommend exploring the rest of the Meatpacking District. The restaurants and shops around this beautiful area of New York have the most gorgeous architecture that can only be described as a much prettier Spitlefields Market. Shopping around the Meatpacking District is a great experience. It has a mix of boutique and branded shops but all have a unique quirkiness to them. Shopping in this area takes you away from all the hideously lifeless and busy stores in Central Manhattan and allow you to actually enjoy strolling in and out of the shops at a very relaxed and calm place.

Finally, if your wanting to spend the whole day exploring the Meatpacking District then you must check out its art scene. There are some great galleries to explore with The Milk Gallery and The Whitney Museum of American Art being the top two to visit. 

So that's it, my first instalment of my top non touristy things to do in New York. What are you favourite things to do in the Meatpacking District? Or what non-touristy things would you recommend doing in NYC?

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