Saturday, 1 October 2016

I'm Doing Blogtober...or at Least I'm Going to Try

God knows why I am deciding to do this and, let’s be honest; looking at my blogging history I'm probably not going to succeed, but for some reason I've decided to do Blogtober. 

If you've not hear of Blogtober before then it is basically a bunch of bloggers who blog every day for the month of October. I'm not sure how Blogtober kicked off, who was first to do it or what year it actually started but this year I've decided to take part.

I'm not the best at sticking to a blogging schedule as, some of you may have noticed, I tent to go through waves of posting weekly to suddenly going AWOL for a few weeks; sometimes even months. I've not got the most confidence in myself for actually being able to blog for one whole month straight but I'm hoping it will help me get into a good routine in the future and encourage me to become better at blogging weekly (maybe even biweekly) after October finishes. 

I love my little blogging space and always feel so guilty when I neglect it for long periods of time. I've even got to the stage where I feel I'm falling out of the loop with the blogging community and noticed friendships in the blogging world slip. I'm hoping being a part of Blogtober16 will get me back into the swing of things and get me back in the blogging game. Most of all, I'm hoping it will help me find new great bloggers and build some great blogging friendships. 

So what sort of things will I be blogging about? Well...I'm not quite sure yet; which is a little worrying as I'm writing this on the 1st of the month, but I'm guessing it will include a lot of beauty, some reviews and some general chit chat or hints and tips. I'm planning on getting a schedule together but if you have any particular posts you would like to see from me, or any recommendations of posts that would be good to read, than let me know below or drop me a tweet

You can follow all the lovely bloggers doing this with me by using the hashtag #Blogtober16 on twitter. I will certainly be checking this tag to see whose participating and to find great bloggers I don't already read. If you're doing Blogtober this year, leave you link below so I can keep up to date with your posts. 

Wish me luck :) 
Hannah xxx 


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  1. Hannah, don't worry as I do the exact same thing as you! I write blog posts and then wander off for a month or so before writing anything else! So if you don't succeed to the end, just remember that I most likely won't either! Then you won't be alone ;) Lovely blog by the way. I've managed to get to day 5 of blogtober but if I'm honest.. I nearly forgot until this morning..

    I look forward to reading your blogtober posts! xx


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