Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Most Inspirational Magazine for Bloggers

For all you magazine lovers out there you'll know there is a lot of competition and loads of different publications trying to catch your eye; it can all get a little bit confusing right? Although I still love the some of big named magazines, as I'm getting more and more into the blogging scene I feel the old glossies are moving further away from what I personally relate to. 

There's also been a lot of controversy recently with popular publications, let's say, not really backing bloggers (to put it very politely) and this case sadly hasn't been a stand alone one. That's why I started to branch out into more specialised or independent magazines. I could list off loads of names here (and maybe that's an idea for another post) but the one I want to rave about today is Blogosphere magazine.

I'm pretty darn sure most of you reading this have not only heard of Blogosphere magazine but probably have every single edition sitting on your coffee table. But, despite that, I still wanted to tell you the reasons as to why I absolutely love this magazine and why it's done wonders for my blog.

1. It gives me so much inspiration to write and create more posts. Whenever I'm lacking motivation, inspiration or dedication to my blog, picking up Blogosphere always inspires me to create content again. It's also great for giving me ideas for posts I wouldn't have thought of before. As a (mostly) beauty blogger I can sometimes stick to the same ideas and I also tend to only read similar themed blogs to mine. Blogosphere magazine provides me with different genres and different categories I wouldn't normally find or think to look at and the ideas and inspiration I get from these is totally amazing. I would never have thought to write lifestyle posts or even 'letter' posts if it wasn't for picking Blogosphere up.

2. The advice Blogosphere gives to bloggers is really great. The Blogosphere team are always dedicating articles to help you out with social media or provide you with tips for managing your blog whilst working full time (something I really struggle with). Blogosphere magazine has helped me pick up some great advice along the way and that's something I really appreciate.

3. It's helped create an amazing community. Not only do you have a sense of blogging pride, and feelings of "these people are blogging badasses" as you read the magazine, but they also provide weekly chats (#BlogosphereChat - 8pm on Sunday's). These chats really help build an amazing little space on the internet where people can chat and share their thoughts, feelings and advice whilst getting help and encouragement from other bloggers out there. I know there are many other chats to get involved in during the week but I think the Blogosphere chat is one that allows bloggers of all different talents and genres to get together; getting us all interacting as just bloggers; not beauty, fashion, lifestyle or parent bloggers.

And these are just three of the reasons why I totally love Blogosphere magazine and why I won't be missing an issues. Do you read this amazing magazine? Which other magazines inspire you? Let me know below, I'm always looking for new things to read.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

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