Wednesday, 25 September 2013

On A Day Like Today: Style Post

So this is my first proper styling post. I have done a outfit of the day post before but I was a bit under confident about it so thought I would use Polyvore to create some looks I usually wear, without having to take pictures of myself. So here we go...

on a day like today

On a day like today where I'm not feeling well but I had to leave the house (to go to the walk in centre) I go for a comfy look. I want something that I can feel warm and snuggley in so a big woolly jumper does the trick nicely but still looks stylish.

I go for a pair of comfy skinny jeans because, even though I'm feeling crappy, a girls got to try right!? Flat shoes are also a must as they're just practical. When you're in a rush and want to get home asap, flats mean no sore feet. Finally a woolly hat is what I wear for a little extra warmth. It's not too cold yet here in London and the sun is actually still shinning, so no coat is needed. This little accessory just keeps the heat in a little (and also hides the fact I haven't washed my hair today) and adds a small splash of colour.

As you can see I have left out any jewellery, although I love a good necklace with an outfit, and like to wear as many rings as possible on a day to day basis, on sick days jewellery just annoys me. I can't be doing with fiddly bits to my outfit so I pass on anything dainty all together.

I hope you liked my first style post, it's just something a bit simple but I like it and think I will be doing more like this. How do you find the outfit I picked? Would you wear it on a 'day like this'?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Mango dark gray jeans
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