Monday, 3 October 2016

A Letter To New York

Dear New York,

I know we've only met two times (I'm ignoring that 3 hour stop over 13 years ago when we used you as a emergency stop off point to escape a hurricane in Florida; I don't think you really noticed me then) but I really can't stop thinking about you.

I think it may be because it's almost been a year since we last met that I'm really starting to crave your attention again. I keep remembering the amazing times we had together and I'm lusting after your presence and all the things you have to offer. It was the trip last year where I really appreciated your beauty and uniqueness. It's not that I didn't notice these the first time I visited, but I was younger and naive then and wasn't so wise to your ways.

Brooklyn Bridge

Maybe it was because the first time we were in each other's company I only brushed your surface. I prejudged you on what others had said about you and therefore only saw your obvious characteristics. I didn't really get to know the real you; the you the locals get to see everyday. The you that isn't all bright lights, green goddesses and tall buildings.

Last year I sat down and dug a little deeper into your personality. I saw your quirky streets, your hidden bars and your clubs echoing with soul which put Shoredich to shame. I saw your character filled backstreets, I saw the local personalities that call New York their home; not their stage and I saw you with your morning face on; not in your dolled up, dressed to impress costume. I have to say, I prefer you in your natural state. 

Maybe it was because the first time we met it was Christmas and I was so drunk on festive spirit that I missed what you really had to offer. Perhaps you knew we only had a short few days together so you did what most people do at Christmas parties and put on a fa├žade, only showing me what you think I wanted to see. Only showing the side of yourself that people give the most attention to; thinking that was your best. Don't get me wrong, I loved that side to you. In fact it was one of the best Christmases I've ever had and I have you to thank for that but my second visit made me realise you had so much more to show me and so much more to offer. 

I think I'm craving you more now it's Autumn and I'm remembering how your leaves were starting to turn every imaginable shade of orange and yellow. I'm remembering our last day walking in Central Park together; all the way from one end to the other. Happy to be together but sad because we knew our time was ending. As the leaves are just starting to turn here I'm realising there is no place that will look quite as pretty as you did on that day. 

Central Park in Autumn

Most of all it was because you showed me things I've always wanted to see. You've showed me architecture that was so stunning it took my breath away, you showed me little pockets of character that you just wouldn't see anywhere else in the world, you showed me a skyline that went from metal and busy to stunning brick work and peaceful. But most of all you showed me my idol and the best gig I have ever been to in my life. For Christ sakes you showed me Stevie Wonder and for that I will be eternally grateful. 

So, New York, I just wanted you to know I miss you. You're always in my thoughts somewhere and, as we move closer to November, now more than ever. Let's not leave it too long before we see each other again. 

All my love,
Hannah xxx 

I have to give credit to Ryan at Lost Boy Memoirs who's post 'A Love Letter to New Zealand' in Blogosphere magazine gave me the inspiration for this post. You should go check it out, he does a much better job then I did. Thanks Ryan 

Saturday, 1 October 2016

I'm Doing Blogtober...or at Least I'm Going to Try

God knows why I am deciding to do this and, let’s be honest; looking at my blogging history I'm probably not going to succeed, but for some reason I've decided to do Blogtober. 

If you've not hear of Blogtober before then it is basically a bunch of bloggers who blog every day for the month of October. I'm not sure how Blogtober kicked off, who was first to do it or what year it actually started but this year I've decided to take part.

I'm not the best at sticking to a blogging schedule as, some of you may have noticed, I tent to go through waves of posting weekly to suddenly going AWOL for a few weeks; sometimes even months. I've not got the most confidence in myself for actually being able to blog for one whole month straight but I'm hoping it will help me get into a good routine in the future and encourage me to become better at blogging weekly (maybe even biweekly) after October finishes. 

I love my little blogging space and always feel so guilty when I neglect it for long periods of time. I've even got to the stage where I feel I'm falling out of the loop with the blogging community and noticed friendships in the blogging world slip. I'm hoping being a part of Blogtober16 will get me back into the swing of things and get me back in the blogging game. Most of all, I'm hoping it will help me find new great bloggers and build some great blogging friendships. 

So what sort of things will I be blogging about? Well...I'm not quite sure yet; which is a little worrying as I'm writing this on the 1st of the month, but I'm guessing it will include a lot of beauty, some reviews and some general chit chat or hints and tips. I'm planning on getting a schedule together but if you have any particular posts you would like to see from me, or any recommendations of posts that would be good to read, than let me know below or drop me a tweet

You can follow all the lovely bloggers doing this with me by using the hashtag #Blogtober16 on twitter. I will certainly be checking this tag to see whose participating and to find great bloggers I don't already read. If you're doing Blogtober this year, leave you link below so I can keep up to date with your posts. 

Wish me luck :) 
Hannah xxx 


Sunday, 4 September 2016

Why I Can't Wait for Autumn

For those of you living in England I think we can safely say that we are not going to be having a summer at all this year. Although it hasn't been the wettest we've seen in recent years, and although we have had some sunny weeks, I think I can count the amount of boiling hot day's we've had on one hand. And although I'm not complaining (too much), for someone who hasn't had a summer holiday this year, I have missed the sun and heat dearly. 

Sadly, as the nights are starting to draw in and I am less and less likely to see a nice bright sun on my weather forecaster in the morning, I have come to the conclusion that it's time to just forget about the sun and move onto the next phase of the year...Autumn.

Although I love summer and am rather resentful that my skin hasn't felt sun-kissed all year, I think Autumn is my favourite season of all.  Here are 10 reasons why I just can't wait for Autumn to fully kick in.

1. Hot drinks in takeaway cups. I think nothing beats strolling around with your favourite tea, coffee or hot chocolate in hand at the weekend, especially if you're heading off on a nice country walk...which leads me nicely to my second point.

2. Long country walks! Especially at the beginning of Autumn where it is still fairly warm and you only need a light jacket and a woolly hat to keep you at the perfect temperature. For me, you can't get better then walking down paths full of crunchy orange and red leaves.

3. The colours. Autumn brings out the most beautiful shades which can only be described as 'deep', 'burnt' or 'golden.' The whole country turns this lovely shade of dark orange and I totally love it. 

4. Woolly everything! I love that we get to wrap up warm in woolly jumpers, hats, scarfs, blankets...the list goes on. I just love being wrapped up warm in general to be honest, to be fair I am always cold so Autumn means I no longer get funny looks when I say I'm freezing!

5. It's an excuse to stay in, cuddle under a blanket and watch a good DVD. I don't know if I am the only one to do this but the amount of films and DVD's I watch during Autumn and Winter is pretty impressive. Autumn is a great excuse to get cosy on the sofa and binge watch as much Disney as I possibly can. 

6. Warm hearty foods. Although I am not one to enjoy the typical flavours of Autumn (I'm talking pumpkin, cinnamon and spices) I do love how the chilly air invites soups, stews and, most importantly, Sunday roasts to keep my belly satisfied. Noting beats gravy on every meal, and sadly you just can't do that in Summer.

 7. The Autumn wardrobe. I'm not just talking woollen tops and knitted jumpers, I'm talking the aubergine, mustard and chestnut colours that start to fill your wardrobe. Oh and layering, don't even get me started on layering all my clothes. 

8. Everything just looks prettier...there isn't much more I can say on this, it's rather self-explanatory, everything just looks beautiful in Autumn. 

9. We move from beer gardens to cosy country pubs. Any pub with a fire to sit in front of and a wooden, cosy interior becomes my new favourite hangout spot. Sitting for the whole of a Saturday evening in a warm, homely pub with a good oaky glass of wine is just my idea of heaven. 

10. Finally, my absolute favourite thing about Autumn is the scents. Any excuse to pull out a fig candle or a musk room scent and I'm one happy bunny. Not only do I get to fill my home with lovely smells, the outside because a big natural amazing place to discover with your nose. Trees after a big rain storm or crisp mornings are just some of the scents I can't wait to have get over the next few weeks.

So that's it, just some of the things that I love about the colder months and just some things that help with the change from Summer to Autumn. To me they're all things to get very excited about and I can't wait for Autumn to get started.

What is your favourite thing about Autumn and what are you looking forward to the most as the seasons start to change again? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading
Hannah xxx

All pictures came from the amazing photographers that upload to Unsplash so big thank you to them.


Monday, 30 May 2016

Why I'm So Over London

It seems like everyone and their dog have moved to London over the last few years and yes, I may be one of those people, but my time with this city is finally come to an end and although I'm sad about it;   part of me just can't bloody wait to get out. 

Rewind 6 years and you'll hear me uttering the words "I absolutely hate London, I'll never live there in a million years!" 3 years later and there I was, driving down to East London with a van full of my worldly possessions, eating humble pie. It was a trip to visit a friend in Balham which finally changed my mind and little did I know I'd later spend two and a half years living in that exact area of South West London. Although the fact that most of my friends, along with the majority of my cousins, had all started flogging to the big smoke; it was the challenge of seeing if I could actually cope with the crazy busy lifestyle of the capital that finally drew me too it. Coming from Sheffield I always have, and always will, be a city girl. However London was a whole new level of city life that I wasn't sure I could cope with; but I sure as hell was up for the challenge. 

Now this post isn't set out to slag off London in the slightest as I have, in the majority, loved every moment. Sure it's had its ups and downs (some extremely down I must tell you) but all in all London has been amazing and there is no other place quite like it. I think everyone should live here at some point in their lives however, here are just 3 reasons as to why I'm totally over London.

Why I'm So Over London

First and foremost, and probably the main reason I'm moving back up North is because of how much it bloody costs to live here. It's no shock that living in London is stupidly expensive, in fact it seems to be all over the news right now, and I don't as much have a problem with the amount of money I've had to part with to live here as a whole; rather it's stuff we have to put up with for that cost that I have a problem with. 

Recently I read about the #rantyourrent that was spreading across the Internet. This hashtag summed up the utter crap people had to put up with whilst spending hundreds for the privilege. No surprise, the majority of people posting to this hashtag were people living in London. 

People were commenting about the poor conditions of their living arrangements along with how much they were spending. These things included, living with damp infested rooms, evil landlords and little tiny housemates that weren't on the tenancy agreement. Whilst reading the article and seeing these photos I was sad to be able to say I could relate to every outrageous point being made; and all for the cost of £1200 a month. 

Before moving to London I'd never heard of anyone just accepting the fact that their house/flat/studio came with rodents, or even worse; cockroaches. It turns out in London this is just a given. I think I know more people that have had nice then those that haven't. And before you think the quality of these flat must be awful; they're not! Although our flat in Balham wasn't the most modern, it also wasn't a horrible flat either. Sadly people in London are now just accepting that they have to pay lots for very average conditions...and mice. My flat in Sheffield was in three times better conditions, two times the size and half the price. 

3 reason's why London drives me mad

Secondly I miss being nice to strangers. When I tell work colleges who have lived in London all their lives that you are practically best friends with the stranger you sat next to in the bus by the time you're home, they just can't grasp the concept. In not asking for much just to be able to make small talk with someone on the tube without being considered a crazy person. Now, not everyone in London is rude/grumpy/miserable or all the above! In fact 99% of the people here are lovely however it is becoming increasingly common that once a person is thrown into an environment where they're on their own, surrounded by strangers, it's like all manners go out the window. On my daily commute I see so many grown adults act like stroppy huffy teenagers; it gets a little embarrassing. And what's even more embarrassing? I find myself sinking to their level!

If someone takes more than one second to get out of my way; their the idiot. If someone stops on the tube stairs to figure out which direction they need to go in; their a 'bloody tourist'. If someone doesn't move down the carriage on the train to fill all the gaps; their the most selfish person ever. What have I become?! I can't figure out which is worse, the fact that London is full of rude people or the fact I've turned into one of them.

And finally, this is more of a simple thing, and that's the food shop. Not wanting to sound like an old woman here, I miss being able to do a weekly shop and just put it in the car and take it home. In London such a easy task is made 10 times harder when a) having a car in London is almost as expensive as living here so the car remains up north b) you're forced to carry more than your weight in food, almost cutting off the blood circulation to your arm on the journey home and c) you have to dodge the whole of South London on the way back. The whole shopping task is so harder just because I live in the big city! I also just want to add that you can't even walk in a straight line in London anymore due to the amount of people you have to maneuver around...but that's a whole new rant.

Annnnd I think that is where I'll leave it, purely because I could go on forever listing off why I'm so very ready to move back up north and I don't want to bore you all. However I can't help but note, as I'm sat here in my Christmas onsie in the hotel I've been living in for the past five weeks (turns out my tenancy agreement and work notice did not run out at the same time), how I actually really have loved living in London along with the experiences and fun I've had here and how much I've grown since I made the big leap in relocating.

But, for now London, we're done.

Thanks for reading,
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