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My Favourite Jewellery ft Black Tied, Topshop & Brand Melville

I've been getting so much more into my jewellery recently and I thought that it'd be nice to do a little post about the pieces I've really being loving at the moment. I'm one of those girls that goes through phases when it comes to my jewellery. For a few weeks at a time I'll load myself with rings, bracelets and necklaces galore and then suddenly I'll just go cold turkey; nothing but my watch.

I'm also very picky when it comes to what I wear; I don't like anything too boring but then I also don't want to be wearing anything too garish or over the top. And don't even get me started on anything too girly, I don't want any glitter or sparkles anywhere near my accessories thank you very much! I think you can definitely describe my taste in jewellery as androgynous and here are some of my favourite pieces at the moment.

Androgynous Jewellery - Black Tied

Firstly we have the love of my (jewellery) life and that's my Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch. I fell in love with this years ago but was lucky to get it for my 25th birthday and I haven't taken it off since. You won't see me out the house without this on my wrist as the simple black leather strap, large white face and rose gold trimmings makes this watch a classic timeless piece that goes with every outfit and will never age. The fact that I am from Sheffield was just an added bonus that confirmed I needed it in my life!!

Next we have my newest piece of jewellery, and it's one I just can't take my eyes off. The Black Tied Silver Bull Skull Southwestern Necklace just sums up my favourite style of jewellery in one piece. I love the detail, I love the roughness of it and I love the style of it. I think it's masculine but with a feminine twist. This necklace has a 36inch chain which means it rests nicely smack bang in the middle of your top when wearing it. I like to wear this with just a plain jumper or t-shirt to add a bit of style and a focus point to a plain outfit. I've had so many compliments on this piece and have introduced Black Tied into many people's lives since I got it. I'm totally in love and feel it won't be long before I'm making another Black Tied order. 

Speaking of Black Tied, these two little Sterling Silver Above Knuckle Midi Ring bands are perfect for any midi ring lovers out there. The style is very simple but that's what I want from a midi ring. The two come together as a set which is great because it means I can wear one on each hand. These look great on their own but also work well when I'm wearing my other chunky rings to help create more of a statement look. I find midi rings either sit just above the knuckle or fit nicely in between both joins on a finger and these rings do the latter. 

Then we come to my two antique styled rings. I've always been a lover of this style so when I saw the Milky Jade Oval Stone Ring (top of the picture) on a recent trip to Brandy Melville, I knew straight away it would be coming home with me. And it was also love at first sight with the Topshop Tequiose Gemstone Ring (sadly no longer in stock). I don't tend to wear these rings at the same time but if I do I make sure they are placed on different hands. I'm also not really a big fan of rings on my index finger so they live on either my middle or ring fingers. I can't decide which I love more out of these two. 

On a side note, a quick tip for high street jewellery is to coat it with clear nail varnish to stop it from going bronze or turning you finger green once it's exposed to moisture. Anyway back to the post...

Next we have this thin rectangle necklace from topshop. I love the simplicity in this piece as when I'm wearing shorter necklaces I don't like them to be too chunky or in your face. Unfortunately this is the third one of these I have had to buy as they keep breaking, but I love it so much I have just kept swapping them rather than giving up on it. Again this goes with ever outfit and makes a subtle   statement when you're wearing a busier outfit. 

Last but not least we have this Gilded Arrow Bangle from Stella & Dot. I've had this bracelet for years now and if I was to buy it again I think would get it in silver but I still love wearing this piece from time to time. I love arrow jewellery and I'm looking to get something similar in ring form (so if you know of where I can get one please let me know in the comments). 

And that's it, the pieces I've been loving recently. I'm hoping to add to my collection but for now I'll have to make do with loving these 8 pieces. What are you favourite jewellery brands and what style of jewellery do you normally go for? Let me know below. 

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