Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Day In The Life At The Office: Style Post

A day in the life of work

Right this is my second style post and it's a bit more formal and stylish than last time. This is pretty much exactly what I wear to work on a day to day basis. I am lucky that, although I work in a professional environment, there is a fairly relaxed feel when it come to what you wear. Yes all the men wears suits but the ladies have a more casual approach going on which means I don't have to invest in a hideous 'lady suit.'

Ok, lady suits are sort of in fashion right now. You know the beautiful and bold matching trousers and jacket, usually floral? They are amazing but there not what you'd wear to work. When I say lady suit here I mean the polyester black or grey suits that aren't the most stylish. So, as I refuse to wear one, this is the style I go for. 

I wear a nice collared blouse, usually in black and white, to make myself look smart. Pairing this with a pair of black jeans relaxes the look without making it look too casual. I've always thought black jeans looked smarter, is that just me?!? I finally throw on a cotton blazer to help add a fashionable twist on the typical smart style. 

Accessories wise, despite being rather tall I find a pair of heels makes me feel more professional. I don't want to feel like I'm on a night out here so a chunky heel is a safe bet. I love the Chelsea Boot  style and again think it brings the traditional smart look to the younger generations. Although many may disagree I think the tan and black colours together, really work hence the boots and bag. Obviously I wear a satchel styled bag for work cause satchel equals intelligent right?!? 

Finally, I tend to avoid jewellery as braclettes bash against the desk whilst I'm typing and I fiddle with my rings too much when I'm sat at a computer. I therefore stick with my trusty everyday chunky gold watch. 

I love my office style and would wear it on a weekend if it didn't remind me of having to be up stupidly early! What do you think of it? Would it be something you'd style together or even something you'd wear for work? What is your outfit of choice for the office? Let me know below. 

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Hannah xxx

Boyfriend blazer
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Mango jeans

Forever 21 handbag

Nixon watch

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