Sunday, 17 April 2016

Ray-Ban Brown Classic Round Fleck Sunglasses Review

Imagine my joy when I get a sneaky little text from my mum when she is off on her jollies in South Africa saying "Ray-Ban's are really cheap out here, would you like me to pick you up a pair?" Well there was only one answer to that question and that was "erm..hell bloody yes!" So skip forward a few weeks and I am now the proud owner of my forth and favourite pair of Ray-Ban's; the Round Fleck Sunglasses in Classic Brown.

I love the Ray-Ban Brown Classic Round Fleck glasses not only for the tortoiseshell styled rims (I am a sucker for a bit of tortoiseshell) but also for the feminine touch they give to the whole 'round sunnies' trend that's happening at the moment. I do have a similar pair to these (the Ray-Ban 2180's) but they have plastic around the whole frame; including the bridge and arm. As you can see with the Round Fleck Sunglasses, these two sections are made of gold metal; which again really adds that feminine touch

Ray-Ban Classic Round Fleck Sunglasses styled with hair down

When it comes to buying sunglasses I always like to see what they look like with both my hair up and down as I think my hair style can change the shape of my face and therefore my whole look that day. As you can see the glasses suit both styles but I think they suit me better when my hair is up. I'm not sure if it is just in my head, or if it is an actual fact, but I think these glasses look softer on me when my hair is in a pony compared to loose.

Ray-Ban Classic Round Fleck Sunglasses styled with hair up

So whilst everyone is going crazy for the Dior 'So Real' frames, I just can't seem to stray away from my beloved Ray-Ban's. I'm really not one to buy expensive branded handbags or clothes as I feel they can be a waste of money (that I just can't justify) however when it comes to sunglasses; Ray-Ban is a brand that I will always love and will always stick with. They're like Pokemon...I've just got to catch them all!!!

Let me know what your favourite brand of sunglasses is, and if your's is Ray-Ban, then which style is your favourite? Also let me know if you prefer them with my hair up or down cause I'd love your thoughts.

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