Monday, 10 March 2014

Crop Long Sleeve Top and Topshop Joni High Waisted Jeans outfit Post: OOTD

Right, picture this, you walk into, I don’t know EVERY shop on the high street and you see a nice top. You wonder over to it, you think ‘yep I like this,’ you pick it up and they’ve bloody well chopped the bottom of it off…for Christ’s sake! Back on the rail it goes and you walk out of the shop in pure, pretty pointless, mini one-woman protest. Well that has been my life for the past year. I haven’t been a fan of the whole crop top look for a long time and I was starting to get pretty peed off about it to be honest as it’s all any shop seemed to sell, I just couldn’t find a nice normal length top anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I like a little bit of flesh on show but at the end of the day I’m coming up to a quarter of a century on this planet and although I hate to admit that I’m getting older, I do now have to really think about whether the latest trend will make me look like a child or not. The trend of having half my stomach out not only does this exact thing but also makes me look like I “Wanna be” a flipping Spice Girl and was exactly how I used to dress when I played Sporty Spice when I was 11…not a good look for a 24 year old.

Fast-forward a year from when slicing the bottoms off tops came into fashion and the little buggers still haven’t left the shelves. Damn, was I going to have to give into the trend if I still wanted to shop in my favourite high street shops? Well in a way yes I was, BUT I think I have tackled the issue to create an age appropriate look and it comes in the form of high waisted trousers. Ok, I know that these have been around for a hell of a long time and I haven’t just discovered a new trend. I am fully aware I aint no trend setter here, but for me I didn’t realise combining two things I have always hated; cropped tops and high waisted trousers would actually create a look I loved. It’s like my clothing version of coleslaw. I hate everything that goes into it, carrots, mayo and what not, but I can’t get enough of the final product. Anyway, enough of comparing fashion to food lets get onto my outfit choice and how to make cropped tops suitable for the mid twenties lot out there. 

As I mentioned I think pairing a crop top with high waisted jeans is definitely the route to take. This way it covers up our bellies that are no longer as flat as they were when we were shapeless kids; it covers up our belly buttons that lets face it no one really wants to see anyway; and it shows off our thinnest part of our bodies, our waist. Although I’m personally not a fan of the look of a whole belly out, a thin strip of waist is a nice way to flash a bit of flesh in a classier manner. This cropped jumper from Ark was a great purchase as, for one, it was in the sale so I think it was under £10, and two, it also has an even more genius way to tone down the cropped looked. The back of this jumper is longer than the front so from behind it just looks like your average top and from the front you have just the right about of flesh on show. The colour is a lovely pastel blue that is prefect for summer but also helps brighten up your look in winter and with the long sleeves you’re a little less likely to be too cold in these not quite warm months. 

The trousers are a little treasure I’m so glad I found them. Like I said I was never a real fan of high waisted trousers until recently and I am fully aware that everyone and their mothers have seen the Joni high wasted jeans in Topshop but I think they are brilliant. With a combination of skinny and high waisted-ness these jeans really are perfect and will go with any top; short, regular or long lengthed. I only have two little criticisms; one, there are no front pockets and two, there are no belt straps, but for the amount of times I actually use pockets and the amount of times I actually add a belt to an outfit, I can look past these.

The great thing about this outfit is that it will work with any kind of shoe; I picked these as they were the only ones I had with me on holiday (which seems to be a reoccurring thing when it comes to shoes in my outfit posts.) Boots or sandals a like will go with this look again making it perfect for all seasons. I also thought this outfit did all the talking for itself so didn’t feel the need for any jewellery, however a nice statement necklace really does work with the plain jumper. However, I was on holiday so of course my Ray Ban sunnies had to make a little appearance. I’m also loving rocking a low pony at the moment and think it brings a little 60’s vibe to this look.

So, what is your opinion on cropped tops? Have you been a fan from the start or have you had to learn to love them? Or do you out right hate them? How would you style a cropped jumper? Would this work with a high wasted skirt? Let me know what you think.

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Hannah xxx

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Kimono Nights Out

The other night (well actually it was a few weeks ago now as it was still warmish) I went for a few drinks for a mates birthday. I decided to bust out my Kimono for the occasion and since Kimono's are being sold left right and centre at the moment I thought I'd model an outfit similar to the one I wore. And here it is...

Kimono Nights Out

As I wanted the Kimono to do all the talking I paired it with a plain white cami. I am loving the silk v-necked Topshop ones at the moment. Well actually I have loved them since I got them in summer. I think I pretty much lived in them on holiday. I also went for my cream one as I didn't want anything to take the attention away from the detail of my Kimono.

I then threw my Kimono over the top. Mine is a dark cream/beige colour and has black silhouettes of birds flying up from the bottom. I also go this from Topshop and I love it so much, but the one in this picture really stood out to me. I love it's pastel colours and the tassels. I find Kimono's are so feminine looking but because they are quite baggy, they are great for those who are having a particularly 'frumpy' day.

I then added my staple Topshop Leigh skinny jeans which go with everything, I didn't mean for all my clothes to be Topshop but sometimes it just happens!! I went with simple jewellery and just had a plain gold chunky necklace, my usual watch and my Urban Outfiters midi rings. I am obsessed with gold jewellery, always have been and always will!

I'm not a girl who likes dainty shoes. I like them big, I like the chunky and I usually prefer some sort of boot. For this outfit I went for such a thing, a wedged boot. Mine are from Matt Alan (or Matalan as other people like to call it) and there are gorgeous, people compliment them all the time which is always lovely for a girl to hear. They are significantly nicer than the ones in the picture but these were as close as I could find.

Finally, the finishing touches were left to an oversized clutch bag (an every girls must have) and, of course, my YSL red lippy. Everyone feels more dressed up when they are wearing red lippy right?!?

What are your thought's on Kimono's? Are they just for the summer or can they be a staple piece in our winter wardrobes?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Floral fringe kimono
$51 -

Topshop jeans

Topshop cami

Wedge shoes

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick

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