Sunday, 17 November 2013

My Make Up Christmas Wishlist

My Make Up Christmas Wishlist
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As everyone is aware, Christmas is coming and I really couldn't be more excited. I love Christmas, I always have an always will. I love the build up, I love the day and I love the aftermath. Normally I get the same little make up presents from my mum. This consists of my Bare Minerals Mineral Power, My YSL Mascara and YSL Touché Éclat. If it was up to me, when she ask's 'what would you like for Christmas?' I would happy only give her a list of make up. But, unfortunately she refuses to do that so, I have created a wish list of stuff I would love to get, or would buy myself if I got the chance (had the money!!)

1. The most talked about product of the moment, the Nars One Night Stand palette, is every beauty lovers top product. I keep seeing posts about it everywhere and I just really want this in my life. I'm running out of my Laguna bronzer and thought I might as well get a highlighter and four blushes for an extra twenty quid.

2. When I was thinking of prizes for my give away (which is still going by the way so enter here) I said that I was a rubbish beauty blogger. This is because I have never tried a Mac lipstick. So if I could use my Christmas wish list for anything, it would be to rectify this. I'm not sure on the exact shade I'd go for but I'm looking for a nice deep purple shade. Something like Rebel or Cyber. 

3. I have already tried the YSL Touché Éclat foundation and I love it, but I have run out hence why it is in this wish list at number 6. I've heard so much about the new YSL foundation. The Forever Youth Liberator Foundation has a tiny percentage of their wonder serum in it. When I tried to get a sample of this from the MUA at the counter, she informed me that even though I'm only 24, I have to start thinking about preventing my skin from ageing already. This product should hopefully help whilst covering any blemishes at the same time. Plus, I've heard it has really good coverage and people have had nothing but compliments when they wear this. 

4. OK, so we all know about my issues with my under eye circles and I have finally got a pretty good ragieme going on. However, when I saw this in a recent post from Ruth from A Model Recommends I just knew I HAD to test it out. It's meant to give really good coverage and hide even the darkest of circles. If it's anything like the double wear foundation, the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place High Coverage Concealer will definitely be brilliant. 

5. Another product that has been popping up in posts and videos everywhere is the Bourjois Java Rise Powder. As someone with oily skin I'm always looking for powders and setting products. It also helps that this powder has the cutest vintage packaging I've seen. It is unfortunately the only high street product on my wish list...oops!!

6. See post 3...basically, I need a top up of this as I love this foundation but I'm all out.

So what make up has made it on your christmas wish list? Have you tried any of these products? I'd love more products to add to my shopping list hehe.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx


Thursday, 31 October 2013

Kimono Nights Out

The other night (well actually it was a few weeks ago now as it was still warmish) I went for a few drinks for a mates birthday. I decided to bust out my Kimono for the occasion and since Kimono's are being sold left right and centre at the moment I thought I'd model an outfit similar to the one I wore. And here it is...

Kimono Nights Out

As I wanted the Kimono to do all the talking I paired it with a plain white cami. I am loving the silk v-necked Topshop ones at the moment. Well actually I have loved them since I got them in summer. I think I pretty much lived in them on holiday. I also went for my cream one as I didn't want anything to take the attention away from the detail of my Kimono.

I then threw my Kimono over the top. Mine is a dark cream/beige colour and has black silhouettes of birds flying up from the bottom. I also go this from Topshop and I love it so much, but the one in this picture really stood out to me. I love it's pastel colours and the tassels. I find Kimono's are so feminine looking but because they are quite baggy, they are great for those who are having a particularly 'frumpy' day.

I then added my staple Topshop Leigh skinny jeans which go with everything, I didn't mean for all my clothes to be Topshop but sometimes it just happens!! I went with simple jewellery and just had a plain gold chunky necklace, my usual watch and my Urban Outfiters midi rings. I am obsessed with gold jewellery, always have been and always will!

I'm not a girl who likes dainty shoes. I like them big, I like the chunky and I usually prefer some sort of boot. For this outfit I went for such a thing, a wedged boot. Mine are from Matt Alan (or Matalan as other people like to call it) and there are gorgeous, people compliment them all the time which is always lovely for a girl to hear. They are significantly nicer than the ones in the picture but these were as close as I could find.

Finally, the finishing touches were left to an oversized clutch bag (an every girls must have) and, of course, my YSL red lippy. Everyone feels more dressed up when they are wearing red lippy right?!?

What are your thought's on Kimono's? Are they just for the summer or can they be a staple piece in our winter wardrobes?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xxx

Floral fringe kimono
$51 -

Topshop jeans

Topshop cami

Wedge shoes

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick

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