Monday, 30 May 2016

Why I'm So Over London

It seems like everyone and their dog have moved to London over the last few years and yes, I may be one of those people, but my time with this city is finally come to an end and although I'm sad about it;   part of me just can't bloody wait to get out. 

Rewind 6 years and you'll hear me uttering the words "I absolutely hate London, I'll never live there in a million years!" 3 years later and there I was, driving down to East London with a van full of my worldly possessions, eating humble pie. It was a trip to visit a friend in Balham which finally changed my mind and little did I know I'd later spend two and a half years living in that exact area of South West London. Although the fact that most of my friends, along with the majority of my cousins, had all started flogging to the big smoke; it was the challenge of seeing if I could actually cope with the crazy busy lifestyle of the capital that finally drew me too it. Coming from Sheffield I always have, and always will, be a city girl. However London was a whole new level of city life that I wasn't sure I could cope with; but I sure as hell was up for the challenge. 

Now this post isn't set out to slag off London in the slightest as I have, in the majority, loved every moment. Sure it's had its ups and downs (some extremely down I must tell you) but all in all London has been amazing and there is no other place quite like it. I think everyone should live here at some point in their lives however, here are just 3 reasons as to why I'm totally over London.

Why I'm So Over London

First and foremost, and probably the main reason I'm moving back up North is because of how much it bloody costs to live here. It's no shock that living in London is stupidly expensive, in fact it seems to be all over the news right now, and I don't as much have a problem with the amount of money I've had to part with to live here as a whole; rather it's stuff we have to put up with for that cost that I have a problem with. 

Recently I read about the #rantyourrent that was spreading across the Internet. This hashtag summed up the utter crap people had to put up with whilst spending hundreds for the privilege. No surprise, the majority of people posting to this hashtag were people living in London. 

People were commenting about the poor conditions of their living arrangements along with how much they were spending. These things included, living with damp infested rooms, evil landlords and little tiny housemates that weren't on the tenancy agreement. Whilst reading the article and seeing these photos I was sad to be able to say I could relate to every outrageous point being made; and all for the cost of £1200 a month. 

Before moving to London I'd never heard of anyone just accepting the fact that their house/flat/studio came with rodents, or even worse; cockroaches. It turns out in London this is just a given. I think I know more people that have had nice then those that haven't. And before you think the quality of these flat must be awful; they're not! Although our flat in Balham wasn't the most modern, it also wasn't a horrible flat either. Sadly people in London are now just accepting that they have to pay lots for very average conditions...and mice. My flat in Sheffield was in three times better conditions, two times the size and half the price. 

3 reason's why London drives me mad

Secondly I miss being nice to strangers. When I tell work colleges who have lived in London all their lives that you are practically best friends with the stranger you sat next to in the bus by the time you're home, they just can't grasp the concept. In not asking for much just to be able to make small talk with someone on the tube without being considered a crazy person. Now, not everyone in London is rude/grumpy/miserable or all the above! In fact 99% of the people here are lovely however it is becoming increasingly common that once a person is thrown into an environment where they're on their own, surrounded by strangers, it's like all manners go out the window. On my daily commute I see so many grown adults act like stroppy huffy teenagers; it gets a little embarrassing. And what's even more embarrassing? I find myself sinking to their level!

If someone takes more than one second to get out of my way; their the idiot. If someone stops on the tube stairs to figure out which direction they need to go in; their a 'bloody tourist'. If someone doesn't move down the carriage on the train to fill all the gaps; their the most selfish person ever. What have I become?! I can't figure out which is worse, the fact that London is full of rude people or the fact I've turned into one of them.

And finally, this is more of a simple thing, and that's the food shop. Not wanting to sound like an old woman here, I miss being able to do a weekly shop and just put it in the car and take it home. In London such a easy task is made 10 times harder when a) having a car in London is almost as expensive as living here so the car remains up north b) you're forced to carry more than your weight in food, almost cutting off the blood circulation to your arm on the journey home and c) you have to dodge the whole of South London on the way back. The whole shopping task is so harder just because I live in the big city! I also just want to add that you can't even walk in a straight line in London anymore due to the amount of people you have to maneuver around...but that's a whole new rant.

Annnnd I think that is where I'll leave it, purely because I could go on forever listing off why I'm so very ready to move back up north and I don't want to bore you all. However I can't help but note, as I'm sat here in my Christmas onsie in the hotel I've been living in for the past five weeks (turns out my tenancy agreement and work notice did not run out at the same time), how I actually really have loved living in London along with the experiences and fun I've had here and how much I've grown since I made the big leap in relocating.

But, for now London, we're done.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Instagram Snapbook and Blog Update

I want to start this blog with yet another apology for the HUGE lack of blogging that has been going on recently. To be more accurate; I don't think I've actually posted in 2 and a half months and I really want to change that. I haven't been great over the last 6 months and instead of making excuses and promises I'm just going to see how the next few weeks go. To try and keep me a little more motivated I've decided to make an online scrapbook (or Snapbook) as I've decided to call it, of all my Instagram pictures, explaining what I was up to or what I have been buying over the last month. This post...February!

We start off the month not actually at the start of the month! It turns out I didn't actually post a picture for 2 weeks in a row (I see similar habits with my blogging and snapping here!) Anyway, I didn't buy any make up throughout January (and I'm pretty sure in December either) and this was definitely corrected in February; as you can tell by the first two pictures.

As I'm always looking for the perfect concealer I decided to try out the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer "hoping it's the answer to all my dark eye circle problems" as I put it. Turns out it's not quite! Although it's a great concealer for the face, I'm still not 100% sure I'm convinced it's making my under eyes less blue (but more on that in a post soon). Like every beauty blogger and their mother out there, and probably all the fashion and lifestyle bloggers out there too, I couldn't resist buying the massively disapointing advert booklet (oh sorry I think I was suppose to write magazine there) that is Elle to get my hands on the mini Roller Lash mascara from Benefit. I'm not even joking I had to go through roughly 100 pages of adverts before I even got to a full sentence, sort it out Elle! Although it's a pretty decent mascara I'm not quite sure it does what it says on the tin (again I'm sure I'll be saying more in a full post soon). We end the week with a "I'm not impressed selfie." As Sunday's always come around far too quickly I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show my 'annoyed it's Sunday evening' face!

The next picture brings a bit more joy to the equation as I was lucky enough to get some Victoria Secret vouches for winning a marketing competition at work. I put a lot of effort and time into the marketing competition and, as I'd really like to get into marketing, I was so happy to win. Yay me! Then we come to Valentine's day, which started off great but just went down hill from there. The day started with my boyfriend surprising me with a lovely Valentine's day card even though we said we weren't going to get each other anything

We started planning a lovely romantic day and then as soon as we stepped out the house my ankle went from underneath me. After hearing a pop and feeling like I'd snapped something inside my foot we slowly hobbled back home and I spent the rest of the weekend on the floor with my foot I ruined Valentine's (hence the grumpy, lying on the floor selfie). Turns out we ended up having a fairly lovely weekend, even if it wasn't the one we had planned. We spend the whole time watching films, catching up on crap TV and just spending some quality time together which, at the end of the day, is what Valentine's is all about. Of course I had to cheer myself up once I could walk again, this 'cheering up' came in the form of Dior's AirFlash Foundations (full review coming soon).

I think the first picture was just because I was looking through old posts and found this one I loved. It was my first fashion post (not many have followed to be honest) and as I changed my twitter photo and blog photo to be this one I thought I'd go for the triple whammy and put in on Instagram too. Next we come to a time where I clearly wasn't feeling too friendly on my daily commute. The Police's 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' was my anthem of choice for that particular tube ride! Oh I'm a grumpy sod at 8am. The next photo is me testing out our new coffee machine, thankfully, as a none coffee drinker, it also does hot chocolate, so I made his and her's drinks...yummy!

Now we get to last weekend, which was one of the best ones I've had in a while. As the other half was working on Saturday and Sunday with Monday and Tuesday off, I decided to take them off with him. We start the photo's with Sunday night where I decided to cook him a nice dinner for when he got home, I also made a little fort in the living room for us to sit in and watch films all night. We then spend Monday wondering around Soho, starting with a lovely breakfast at the famous Bill's. It was the first time either of us had been and my god it was bloody delicious. On our little outing I decided to get myself a few goodies, the first being a gorgeous new coat from Mango and the I finally bought a few goodies with my Neil's Yard voucher I got for my birthday almost a year ago.

And finally we come to this weekend. As we're trying to save as much money as possible at the moment this one was a bit of a quite one. Even after only working three days this week I still needed that motivational Friday quote to get me through the day. We then spent Saturday sat in one of the best cafe's in Balham, they do the most amazing caramel hot chocolates and the tastiest mini short breads and biscuits.

So that was the month of February for me. I'm wanting to do this at the end of every month now so I better get Instagraming more :) Let me know if you like this kind of post, and if you want something more like this on the blog. It's a little different to my normal beauty post but I really enjoyed doing it. And don't forget, if you like what you see why not head over to my Instagram and give me a little follow.

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